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They Speak English in London?


(English!) Words fail me!

Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder has admitted not knowing people speak English in London.



Hahaha, it just gets better and better.


Hilarious. Actually, with all the Russians and eastern europeans, it's hard to tell sometimes lol! Maybe Crowder never leaves brick lane?


I cannot understand a word they say.


Yeah, if you go to the less touristy areas it's like a foreign language.


Slightly off topic, but are there any european T-Nationers going to that game on Sunday? If the Dolphins are popular over there, it's going to be a long day because they're going to get stomped.


I saw them (The Dolphins) doing an exhibition during the week when I was passing through Canary Wharf, but I doubt I'll be going - at least nothing planned yet. I hear they want to raise awareness of the game over here...


Yeah that's the idea behind it. The only problem from what I read is that most of the people there are clinging to their football and don't want to bother with american football. It's the same deal over here, only opposite.

However, the game did sell out very quickly so there may be enough interest to play a game or two overseas, and then go from there.


I always thought they spoke Cockney.


He unintentionally said something true since in England there are more foreigners than english


Sleeping police men.


Doug we're not clinging to football mate. Football is by far a much more popular sport than American football worldwide. This has been the case dating back to the pre-20th century era.

England has always been a mongrel nation since the times of the vikings.


True. For ex, French was the 'official' language of London post norman invasion...

And during the past few years, even in very traditionally english areas of london - such mayfair - I hear russian nearly as much as english. All that russ oil money is changing the real estate market there too - yikes!


What I meant was people aren't willing to spend money and attention on something new when their money
and attention is spent on the established sport in their area. I may be american, but I'm not dumb enough to think our football is more popular worldwide than everyone else's football.


Doug Adams, I love that profile picture.


Well the UK needs these "foreigners" to keep the economy growing. What's wrong with that? :slight_smile:

I never said you were dumb :slight_smile: I agree it is a shame there aren't more sports played at a high level compared to the USA. But we do a lot better than some countries...look at India they only focus on Hockey and Cricket!


that's funny I was in the Indian Embassy(in London) and it was full of Russians.


Yeah. My girlfriend is from Bangladesh - she feels far more comfortable in London than here in Boston. It's truly an amazing city.


It is pretty cool, I go to Toronto a couple times a year to see my family and I was shocked to find they don't have pubs except for the downtown area!


This is really no surprise. I'd venture to say alot of NFL players can barely read at an 8th grade level. Don't get me wrong, I'd trade being able to read and punctuate any day for half of their yearly salaries.

(shit I can barely read/punctuate as it is, no fair!! :slight_smile:


Hi Guys
I'm off to the game tomorrow.

I put myself down for tickets before the season started so I didn't realise how bad the Dolphins would be. Maybe they'll be up for this, it being a historic game and all.

I heard that 1.5 million tickets were applied for so I feel fairly lucky to have gotten 4 of them even at 120 dollars each.

As regards the teams playing I don't think that there's that many Dolphin or Giants fans in the UK, I think we're all NFL fans; I know I would have gone no matter who was playing.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a close one!