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They Rolled Out the 200lb Dumbbells


They finally rolled out the 200 pound dumbbells at the Highland Park Powerhouse. They just keep taunting me everytime I go in there. Its like theyre saying"C'mon you know you want to try us...what are you, chicken?" Now I know i cant get them by myself....yet, but I just want to feel what its like to bench press a pair of 200's, of course i know im going to need a hell of a spotter to give me good support under my elbows so that I can even do a complete rep.

Someone might call this trolling if they want to, but im deadly serious.Even with a spotter, in my mind, I know i didnt get the weight on my own, even if he is screaming "Its all you" but I still want to feel the weight.


I doubt you could do it either.


I bet he could deadlift a single...

In a cheater suit....


How about some heavy dumbbell rows? Those you should be able to crank out without a spotter. And you better be stronger on rows than DB bench.

Here is Matt Kroc hitting the 250's for 15 to give you some inspiration...


If you cant do em by yourself then what is the point....?


Try shrugging them for a start


Honorary member to the class of 2009?


That is some heavy weight and he is obviously very strong, but is that what counts as a db row? You can jerk the weight up and row the rest of the way?


Then call it at Kroc Row. Who cares what constitutes a DB Row? As far as I know, this isn't a competition lift.

Call them DB Jerks if you want. They have made him very strong, and they seem to work very well for him.

Nobody ever got strong by lifting light weights slowly.


kroc is a huge inspiration to me. and pushing the db rows (err, kroc rows) hard just feels so right!

as for a 200lb db row, hell yes! i'm at 155s now, but my gym only goes up to 165 or so. shrugs sound good too. or you could grab them and go for a walk until your grip fails.


So you're going to force some poor sonofabitch to practically DL them off you? Yeah...that's not something the douchebags we complain about all the time would do...

Just row them.


I agree, he is strong. Your right, it is not a competition lift. I just hear people tell me they can do insane amounts of weight on this lift and they don't have his overall level of strength or muscle.


even better 300x7
At what point do you stop putting 10lbs on your dumbells and stat using 25lbs plates?


He's done 300x12 now.


sounds like a bent over row thread that was started not too long ago. i've totally rethought the way i do my bent over rows. now i only do them really slow with no weight on the bar. i've lost a lot of mass and strength off my bench but i get one hell of a pump.


ha, that's funny.


Adding 25's chops a good bit off the the range of motion, so my bet would be never.


Just pick them up and walk around the gym with them so you look cool. We all know that's what you are aiming for anyways.


My gym has 150kg dumbbells (330lb) that NO ONE uses.

I am pushing hard toward the day when I start rowing them for reps.


Yeah ill try those too