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They Rapin' Everybody Out Here!




He puts the gay in gangster.


Muthaf*k....Had to go Marvin on this one.


Oh Jheeezus Christ...there is so much wrong with this "news" clip. You Can't put Southern black folk in front of a news camera without them acting a fool. Example:


And of course the remix:


Go gurlfriend! You tell 'em Antoine!


EDIT: Omfg that leprechaun video bwahaha! The amatuer sketch is win, Iron Dwarf take notes!

'Could be a crack-head'


I believe its the next great viral video saw it yesterday with 400 views.
now 145K




The gay dude in the bandana looks EXACTLY like Marcus Camby.


I see your leprechaun and raise you Bubb Rubb and Lil Sis:


You know...sometimes you have to wonder what is wrong with the news station who would run that story in that way. That might as well have been an In Living Color skit.


Somebody needs to get shot for that leprechaun bullshit.


They run it that way to get views, and to get people talking about it, like us.




I love it all.

1000 year old Leprechaun flute passed down from great grandad.


its a reality minstrel show. Im all for laughing at idiots but the news is supposed to be news not entertainment. They edit out the streakers, they should edit out the non-pertinent information that makes subjects look foolish. Its exploitative.

MY two cents. Lets not have this turn into a discussion on how its so unfair minorities get preferential treatment in college admissions. Thats wrong too probably.


lol, that guy(?) was hilarious.

Although any news station that runs a story like that is a joke.


Sometimes news is entertainment. One weather reporter was in the middle of a hurricane and got hit by a tree branch and had to collect himself.

But it is sad that the video is serious.



I listen to NPR and that shit is never funny.