They Hate Us Because They Aint Us

Third crack at a log on this site. Resolution says to keep it up so lets see if I can.
I am starting my first cycle on Monday when I am back at school so that’ll be cool. College Junior. The last couple of years everyone has been accusing me of steroid use so might as well make them right now. And i welcome any advice on it from guys with knowledge on this site, I just don’t want any Bruh don’t take this shit your dick is already too small, you’ll kill your self, your pecs will be tits etc.


Dbol 60mg weeks 1-6
Test E 600mg 1-12 ish
5’10 ish
195 lbs
BF%: abs so low

Bench: 385
Squat: 545
Deadlift: 600s

History: Starting lifting at 16 skinny fat. or just fat. got really into the gym but took a six month lay off due to home issues with the parental units at 17-18. Got the fuck out of there.

Going to University on a full ride, double major, President of a Fraternity (Sigma Chi for any other Sigs out there), got my own charity I am about to run, and internship with a political campaigning company so yea busy as fuck. Lifting I always make time for though and its been my main passion since I first entered the gym.

Definitely want to compete once I’m done with school.

Lets do this shit

So my split is meadows Chest/shoulders back arms legs rest repeat.

Chest and shoulders today so sweet

Bar x million
95lbs x billion
115 x trillion
135 x trillion and one
225 x ten
315 x 8
315 x 6
315 x 2
225 x till I pass out

225 x a lot x 4

flat db:
100s x a lot x 3

machine pec flys: 2 second hold when together
did them till i could actually fly x 3

side raise partials meadows style x 5

behind the neck presses:
135 X $$$ x 3

cordova one arm side delt rows x 3

thats it, shoulders don’t need much work for me

as you can see I’m a big fan of high volume, and i went crazy a bit in this work out because of the hectic day I had

Back day is Best day

I have got a lot more out of contractions and light weight (comparatively) for back then pushing the weight on rows and vertical stuff.

Barbell rows one second contractions on work sets
bar x a lot
95lbs times a lot
115 x a lot
135 x 50
225 x 20
225 x 15
225 x 7

Db rows sloppy as heck
120 x death x three peat

pull downs (v grip pull downs are the GOAT, by far the closest thing to sex for my back)

stack x a lot x a lot

Hammer strength machine (i hold these for time in the contraction, it sucks)

three plates holds x 3

rear delt flys machine

rear delt db flys

cable cross over flys for rear delta

135 x million
225 x million
315 x thousand
405 x 5
495 x 2
585 x 3 PR
495 x 8
495 x 4
495 x 2
shrugs barbell and DB

fuck i felt amazing with that deadliest