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They Don't Make Game Shows Like They Used To...

Match Game

I dug these up earlier for a sarcastic post (me, really?) using Charles Nelson Riley, and started watching them. They’re freakin’ hilarious!

I vaguely remember seeing these as a really young kid, like 3 or 4 or 5, maybe. These were really funny people. Many are dead, but some are still around and kicking, like Betty White.

Watch some of these episodes. They’re pretty edgy and some of the gaffs would not fly in today’s TV climate…

That is too funny. When I saw the thread title, I was thinking “Match Game.” Then, viola!

They were three sheets to the wind I suspect lol. I watched these all the time growing up.

The Newlywed game was funny as hell.

This is an actual question.

Question: The strangest place you’ve made whoopie.

Answer(wife): Whispers to her hubby “the ass?”

Have fun living that one down back at the shop Ralph lol.

Tities were flying a few times for old Bob Barker too.

Brian Billick the ex-NFL coach was on Match Game after he was cut from NFL team tryout.

Make me laugh was another one that was weird/terrible/funny. Frank Zappa was a contestant once. Saw it on youtube.