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They Don’t Make Band-Aids for Feelings

No mention of an exfoliating rub? Must we be barbarians?

It’s hot today, my friends! 92°! Shut up, Texas.

ME Upper
Post-softball = I’m extra awesome

  • WU Circuit (outside because I can)
  1. Machine Press
    175/10 + 130/8

  2. Floor Press
    205/4 x 2 (slow eccentric)

  3. Superset:

  • Pec Minor Dip
    3 x 10
  • DB Side Raise Partials
    30/35 x 3
  1. DB Bench
    95/8 + 75/7

  2. Cable OH Ext.
    60/12 x 6

  3. Machine Tri. Ext.
    6 x 12

  4. Machine Side Raise
    3 x 17

  • Conditioning:
    Prowler w/ 2p x 30m (because that’s the strip we have outside) and run down and back EMOM x 10m

Then the pool! But I mostly sit there and get splashed


Softball, lifting, and the pool? That sounds like an awesome day.

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It was a great day!

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Random thought as I’m rounding out my time on this program and thinking about what comes next: I haven’t gotten stronger in at least 2 years (because I can go back and check in here). I’m wondering if I’m just doing too much: too many days & too much “smaller” work. I likely need to commit to just getting outside my one-note show and do something very different for awhile.

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That’s an interesting observation. I know I don’t/can’t gain strength of I work each muscle group once a week. At minimum, I have to work them every five day, but twice a week/every three to four days is optimal (the much-maligned o-word!) for me.

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Outstanding point. I end up 1-2x week frequency just because that’s what I’m used to. Skewed very much toward the once side

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People here have been talking about recent studies supposedly finding that the number of weekly “effective sets” per muscle is more important than weekly frequency. My bro-science self says, “nah, brah.” I’m bored to tears of the upper-lower, bench/squat/OHP/deadlift split, but it works.

Other than Meadows-style body part splits, what types of routines appeal to you most?

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Good question - who knows? I think I’m pretty open. I like the concept behind Alsruhe’s stuff a lot, it just seems to end up being frustrating for me to pull off in the gym.

Before I went full Meadows, I liked CT’s stuff a lot. That was back when he was doing the look like a bodybuilder and six weeks to superhero stuff.

I don’t like having to stress that everything is perfect. I like to be able to just push hard and sweat a lot. I prefer heaviesh (for me) lifting, but definitely can’t handle the “1RM every day” kinda stuff. I know I always need more conditioning.

So I guess all that to say: I tend to do hypertrophy-focused programs but my goals have shifted more to strength and conditioning. I thinks just writing down this response is kind of helping me think.


This seems to be the thesis statement of your muscle musings.

Alsruhe - enjoyable, effective, not practical in a gym
CT - good when strength and performance oriented
Preference for relatively heavy barbell lifts but not 1RM weights.

A trainer posted an article here around eight years ago about a thrice-weekly, push/pull/legs split. To exercise each muscle fiber type in each group while still facilitating recovery, he recommended three rep ranges for each movement pattern once each week, something like 3 x 3-5, 4 x 8-10, and 3 x 12-15. To not be completely verbose, I’ll try to find the article; it’s an innovative approach.

From following your log, it looks like you also prefer conditioning methods other than running or chugging on a machine, like barbell conditioning or calisthenics circuits.

Thanks for indulging my inner personal trainer impulse.


1000x more!

Thank YOU for the input!

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After scrolling for 20-ish minute and not finding the article (I might look again later and bookmark the bugger; maybe it was CT) I can summarize -

3 days/week lifting; push, pull legs each day; 3 different exercises for each movement pattern each week; heavy/ medium/ light rep range each day, varying which pattern gets each range.

For example, the push exercises could be push press (3 x 3-5), incline dumbbell bench press (4 x 8-10), and dips (3 x 12-15.) Monday could be heavy push, medium pull, and light legs. Wednesday and Friday would vary the exercises… I reckon you get the idea.

Assistance like curls (mandatory!) is at your discretion. I found this method effective and not draining.


I really appreciate it! And curls are definitely mandatory


Sounds like you need some simple block periodisation training like I do.


@simo74 potentially yes - I hate thinking!

DE Legs Today

  • WU Circuit
  1. Lying Leg Curls
    130/12 + 8 + 6

  2. Box Squats
    285/5 x 6
    I crushed these today; at least my squat seems to be getting stronger

  3. Horizontal Leg Press
    Feet high and wide, slow eccentric
    2pps/12 x 2

  4. Giant Set:

  • Hyperextension
    45/5 + BW/3
  • Leg Raise
    BW/8 x 3
  • Standing Calf
    160/8 + 10 partials x 3
  1. Lucifer’s Bike x 10 minutes

You haven’t gotten any stronger on Unity? Seems like your squats are doing good.


I likely have, to be fair. I was just randomly comparing a snapshot of a top set of floor presses to one I did a couple years ago, which I recognize is a little silly.

You’re right - my squats have been flying up on this program. So I’m panicking too soon and not looking at the whole picture. Not to mention, I’m eating as much as I want and maintaining, if not improving, my body composition - and you can’t put a price on that!


There you go. Pressing for me always sucks but to be fair I don’t prioritize it either…probably because I suck at it.

From what I’ve seen John and Dave say about Unity is you may want to run it back to back. Lots of folks seem to be loving it. Can’t wait to get on the Unity train myself. Just have oh about 4 other programs I’ve purchased that I need to be hitting up first.



I do like unity. If I do it again, which is likely, I think I’ll pick my own ME moves and probably chill out a little on how hard I’m trying to progress the assistance stuff.

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Daily Undulating Periodization hehe. Some people really love it. I think Mike Israteal even say you could add a fourth day in the 15-20 reps range. This concept has always interested me but I haven’t used it yet.

One could use also heavy day, medium day, light day, probably better for strength gains.

This is a nice setup. I think I would use 4 exercises (two legs, one being posterior, one anterior)

Well this is great! :muscle:

Same for me ahahah I have two other programs to do first