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They Didn't Know They Were Pregnant


I noticed recently a rash of stories about women, all fat, who went into the hospital because of some sort of pain and found out they were in labor. They had no idea that for the last 9 months they were pregnant.

Not to sound insensitive but honestly WTF? Is this a sign of low intelligence? Low IQ? Just plain stupidity?

Even if she never has a period that would stop with a pregnancy as an indicator, how out of touch with your body do you have to be, to miss an epic thing like pregnancy. Seeing this a few times made me appreciate the sentiment that fat people (fat women, especially) really can be quite stupid. As in dangerously stupid. Stupid like a cow.


Happened to a friend of mine- his girl didn't know she was pregnant until she went to the hospital.

Yea, I question the intelligence after something like that. She was very skinny though, which made it even more ridiculous.


Not condoning your specism of fat people, but you should love discovery health.
They've got a series on fat people and a series on fat people who didn't know that they were pregnant("I Didn't Know I was Pregnant").


Not all of them are fat, and there are a lot of factors that can contribute. Sometimes if the baby is transverse or posterior in the uterus, you don't feel the kicking. Lots of women have irregular periods and have been told they can't get pregnant.

One woman had been told she could not get pregnant, had tried for years and years, had not had a period in something like 22 years. She had symptoms, but having been told it could never happen--movement can feel like gas bubbles. If the baby is in an odd position, often you don't gain much size.

With my first pregnancy, the way the baby was laying in the uterus, I did not show until my very last weeks of pregnancy. I was about 120 lbs at 5ft 7 at the time and only gained about ten pounds up to close to the end.

I also spotted throughout the pregnancy, enough to seem like a light period. If I had not been wickedly sick the first three months, I could easily have not known. Most everyone else did not know unless I told them.

Anyway, it is more common than you would think. Though I think sometimes someone does not want to know they are pregnant. The human mind can be pretty powerful when it comes to denial. Why a lot of us women continue to date assholes who treat us badly when all evidence to the contrary indicates we should dump them on their asses.


AMEN sister!!!

(And I'm not religious in any way)


I guess that puts an end to that whole "psychic bond between mother and child" nonsense.


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I kid.


but do you have a psychic connection with it?


No offense to the women here. But I think a lot of women suffer from retardation of some form. Some of the dumb crap they come out with astounds me every time.


Ummm, let me check.




like a week ago when my brother's girlfriend thought her water broke because she pee'd then 15-30 minutes later had to pee again.

i honestly was worried that the baby would be born with down syndrome/ mild retardation just because of the mother's gene pool. i think everything worked out ok, though.


Seriously, it's not just girls - there's just a bunch of not-so-bright people in this world. I had a guy tell me he was a photographer and had just gotten back from Milan - only he pronounced it "My-Lan". And I recently had to explain to a group of guys why peeing on an electric fence might not be such a good idea. Seriously, WTF?!


Obviously not farm boys. I paid my brother and cousin $5 to pee on the electric fence when we were kids. It was well worth the money to watch them scream like little girls.

As far as women being "retarded," you will notice that a vast majority of candidates for the Darwin Awards are men. What IS it with men and blowing shit up? You won't catch most women trying to put jet engines on lawn mowers and shit.....


Reminds me of this email that used to go around:



Women say stupid shit.

Men are more motivated, we go out and do stupid shit.


I keep telling my friend to wrap his shit with his girlfriend, even if she is on the pill. Because this situation will happen with him.


he probably subconsciously wants her to have his kid.


scratch that, it isnt subconscious, he just doesn't want it to be obvious.