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They Call It "Throw Sh*t"

I found a oral mixture containing

5mg Methyl Test, .5mg Methyl tren, 5mg Halo, 25mg Adrol

It sounds just like what it’s called sounds like a power lifters dream…

Any opinions?

I may be interested in throwing shit…

No pun intended :wink:

should really call it “shit out your liver”

So your saying no one has ever taken methyl test and halo before a PL meet, after 4 weeks straight on Anadrol at 100mg ED…

People subject they’re livers to far more punishment than what’s in this pill. Just saying…

Btw Methyl-Tren when used responsible is the best thing I’ve ever taken hands down. Incline bench went up literally 50+ lbs while i was on it

Looks fine. 3-4 weeks would be plenty. Run TUDCA at 500-1000mg

If I do run it; it would be more of a 5days on 2 days off… Or only on lifting days… That’s kind of how I ran the Methyl Tren.

Just saw it and thought holly fuck hahah. I might give it a try.

Also. I’ve never ran TUDCA before, but where would one Purchase said Supplement?

yeah no shit, I was just being my usual hilarious self

Are you on the tren again yogi… I think we need an intervention :wink:

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haha! Not enough tren, that’s my problem