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Thewannabe's Cycle Log

I am planning to run this cycle in about June or July of 2008. By then I will be 21 and have enough $ saved up for this cycle. I am 225 lbs to date and have approximately 15% BF. I have been training hardcore and consistently since I was 17. I went from 180 lbs @ about 20%. I have gained 48 lbs of lean body mass.

My goals on this cycle is to make the most of it and gain 12-18 lbs of lean mass, maybe more if possible, but I don’t want to overshoot my goals and become discouraged.

Also, I would like to lose 1%-2% of bodyfat at the very least. I had a blood test for the hell of it and my Total Testosterone is : 753 ng/dL and my Free Testosterone is: 22.6 ng/dL. I intend to have everything exactly planned, or mostly, to insure a very successful cycle.

Week 2-12 Arimidex .25mg EOD
Week 1-12 Testosterone Enanthate 250mg E3D
Week 3-6 Dianabol 50mg ED
Week 9-12 Winstrol 50mg ED

Stasis Taper:
(May be subject to change)

Week 12-13 Arimidex .25mg E3D
Week 13-14 Arimidex .125mg EOD
Week 14-15 Arimidex .125mg E3D
Week 14-16 Nolvadex 50mg ED
Week 16-18 Nolvadex 25mg ED

Only inject after site is swabbed and after I have showered.

5000-5500 Calories per day.
30% fats, 40% protein, 30% carbohydrates

3 Flameout caps ED
2 scoops of Superfood EOD
10g of Creatine ED

Measurements before cycle:
Chest- 49"
Neck- 20"
Arms- 17"
Forearms- 13.5"
Wrist- 8.25"
Upper Thigh- 30"
Waist- 38"
Calves- 18.5"

Workout Regiment:
Increase each exercise 1 set each week for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, repeat, but instead increase each rep by 1 each week.

Goes by Superset #, Sets x Reps, Load, Rest

Note: Band by the workout name means I am using those resistance adding lifting bands. Also the machine where you squeeze your legs together or push your legs out, I have no clue what the workout name is called, so I made something up.

A1 Benchpress + Bands 5x5 8RM 60s
A2 Dumbbell Benchpress 5x5 8RM 60s
B1 Cable Flies 5x8 10RM 60s
B2 Band Flies 3x8 10RM 60s
C Band Benchpress 3x8 10RM 60s
D1 Triceps Extensions 3x6 8RM 45s
D2 Skullcrushers 3x6 8RM 45s

A1 Chin ups 5x5 8RM 60s
A2 Dumbbell Rows 5x5 8RM 60s
B1 Barbell Rows 5x6 8RM 60s
B2 Band Rows 5x8 10RM 60s
C Barbell Shrugs 5x6 8RM 60s
D1 Bicep Curls 3x8 10RM 45s
D2 Preacher Curls 3x8 10RM 45s

A1 Barbell Squats 4x3 5RM 120s
A2 Barbell Lunges 4x4 6RM 120s
B1 Leg Extensions 4x12 16RM 60s
B2 Leg Curls 4x4 6RM 60s
C1 Leg “squeeze” 4x10 12RM 60s
C2 Leg “expand” 4x6 8RM 60s

A1 Barbell Shoulder Press 5x6 8RM 60s
A2 Dumbbell Shoulder Press 5x6 8RM 60s
B Powerclean 3x3 5RM 120s
C Snatch 3x3 5RM 120s
D Reverse Flies 4x8 10RM 60s
E1 Frontal Raise 4x8 10RM 60s
E2 Lateral Raise 4x8 10RM 60s

A Seated Calf Raise 10x10 12RM 60s
B Donkey Calf Raise 10x10 12RM 60s
C1 Preacher Curls 5x5 5RM 45s
C2 Bicep Curls 5x5 5RM 45s
D1 Tricep Extension 5x5 5RM 45s
D2 Tricep Pushdown 5x5 5RM 45s
E1 Reverse Curls 3x5 5RM 45s
E2 Close-grip Benchpress 3x5 5RM 45s


  • Any recommendations on the cycle?
  • How does one go about sticking the needle in? I heard of a light jab into the muscle as well as a slow push into it. Just the penetration method is my question there.
  • Any recommendations on the workout regiment?
  • Anyone have experience with the stasis taper as well as a regular anti-estrogen\AI PCT? What are your suggestions? (please have both experiences if you are going to say which one is better)
  • Any more information needed?
  • Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for the comments! :D. I may keep this as a blog for my cycle. It depends how busy I am…

Are you sure you want to run testosterone suspension? That’s an incredibly short half-life you’re dealing with; so short that you would want to inject within a few hours from your work-out.

Also, that only adds up to 350mg/week of actual testosterone (granted, it’s a “true” 350mg since it lacks an ester), so there is hardly any need for the Arimidex you have planned, especially at that dosage. Best to leave it out for the time being.

Since you’re looking to drop bodyfat a bit, you might want to total up your recommended daily caloric intake and only add about 300-500 calories to that sum (some even argue for less). Changing your macronutrient break-down to attaining most of your calories from fats and proteins, rather than carbohydrates, will also be very helpful. What carbs you have left should come with your PWO shake.

There are a few more points I have to add, but it’s late and I’ll contribute later.

Too many compounds for a first cycle in my opinion? Why not keep it simple, i.e stand alone test with proper PCT? My 1st cyle, so far I’ve put on about 16lbs in 1 month, Test Prop only. I’m about half way through…

In terms of sticking the needle in, just pick the ‘spot’ touch the needle on the skin surface and slowly push, no need to jab quickly. Asides from the initial prick you don’t feel any pain, so you can inject as fast/slow as you like. Don’t forget to aspirate.

Workout seems fine, just make sure you eat enough to recover.

Hey man, newbie to newbie, you might really want to reconsider this whole thing!!! I havent been in the game long and have yet to cycle, but I dont think anyone is going to recommend you cycle right now!

  1. NOT EVEN 21 YET!
    Dude you still have a descent level of natural test! (Even your blood test shows that) And, you are probably not done growing yet so your risks will most likely outweigh your gains.

  2. It seems as if you dont even really have a well researched and thought out plan
    about doing a cycle! Too many compounds for a 1st cycle is going to be repeated in this thread.

  3. Goals you mentioned are very easily attainable without AAS, especially at your age.

  4. IMO, 48 lbs of LBM in less than 4 years is pretty good! (maybe its just me) Why not keep this going naturally for a while? You undoubtly can. There are a lot of guys that wish for that type of success. BTW, I didnt see Deadlifts anywhere.

  5. Asking for a source…well you’ve been warned!

  6. You really didnt list enough stats for anyone to recommend anything plausible to you!

All in all, it is probably in your best interest not to cycle right now. Maybe make some tweaks in your training and diet and gain naturally for a few more years.

Read through as much information as you can and learn about AAS in this time frame. Trust me, there is a LOT to be learned before one can make a hypothesis on how to use AAS safely.

This is just what I think is the sum of the replys you will get from more experienced people, maybe with the addition of other details.


Good post.
Deadlifts on Wed though…

you want to use test suspension? Have fun pinning yourself every day for 12 weeks

[quote]muscle_meathead wrote:
you want to use test suspension? Have fun pinning yourself every day for 12 weeks[/quote]

Even twice a day is where you should be at. 6-8 weeks with 50mg 2x/day would work significantly better.

ya, suspension is sort of a strange call for a first cycle. I would try to find some enth or cyp if i were you. if the guy is hooked up with real pharms there should be test cyp for HRT patients that come in. Go for that instead of suspension.

otherwise prop is ok and still a better option. you’d need to inject ED or at least EOD. Injection pain is a lot worse than enth or cyp though.

i think you’re too young for a cycle as well but I understand where you are coming from (i started to plateau around that age and that was about the time i started researching gear…i didn’t cycle for about another 5 years though). Only you know if you are truly ready.

Thanks for the comments and recommendations about the suspension. I’ll change up my test, but I really wouldn’t think that the dbol would hurt, unless you guys really think so. I just threw it in there to kick start a cycle. For the reason I am planning to start at 21 is that I honestly do not think I can keep gaining what I did even if i kicked up the intensity. I just don’t see my self in another 3-5 years being a 205+ LBM. But if you guys diagree, then I will wait; I have the patience =].

For a frame of reference, P#22, who is a bodybuilder, is a 215 LBM. I know its a good 25 lb difference, but I don’t think he just ran one cycle. I don’t think hes on all the time either. He looks great, and its kind of what I am trying to achieve. I would be happy with a 205-210 LBM. It is really my long term goals. Anything after that can come naturally, if it does at all. Meeting my long term goals in a short term time, relatively, is superb in my eyes. I still do not what to cut myself short if that is truly the case though.

So what that background info if you still think I should use at 21, then just give a shout and I’ll look at the majority of the crowd.

I’m gonna change up the suspension to testosterone enanthate 350mg E3D.

By the way, I can only bench 250, but my chest size is a 49". I know its a weak bench, but does it say anything about my body type? I really don’t care about my #s, but rather my size. Its just a curious, but not serious, question.

You have made decent gains and they should continue givin your naturally high test levels at your age.

Id first look more into all aspects of nutrition, macro breakdowns, carb cycling etc. I know at 21 I thought I had a “good” deit and a decent understanding about nutriton. However now I realize that there was tons of room for improvement in that area.

Im not positive however I think the weight you are referring to of Prisoner is his on stage weight at 215 and that is severly dehydrated at 4ish% bf. Hes definately got a physique that many of us would strive to achieve.

Well yes and no. He was 222 @ 4% BF last time I checked. I just factored out the BF. I also understand that I have the ability to make gains, but at this point in time, it seems that taking AAS wouldn’t be harmful to me and would just boost my progress right now.

I might be able to reach 200 LBM right now, it is definitely in the realm of possibility. It is just that I could get the 8 lbs to get to 200 LBM as well as maybe put on a few more. Unless this sounds like a bad idea, I don’t see why I shouldn’t be doing it.

Adjusted the Winny to be 100MG EOD, just updating.

About the arimidex, they usually come in 1mg pill forms. Do they carry the .25mg, or should I just cut it with a knife in 4 equal servings. Thanks.

Save money and buy research chemicals

I second what sap says. Taking a 1/4ml is rather simple.

I don’t know why I didn’t mention this earlier. My preference with dbol is at least 4 hits a day. There are some people who advocate long periods in between dosages so it clears. I’m not one of those people. I don’t know what quantity your pills are likely 5mg or 10mg. If so, you might consider 3-5 smaller dosages. 15mg x 3 or better yet 10mg x 5. Depending on who you believe dbol’s half life is just 4-6 hours, which suggests to me multiple dosing. I personally run 2 naposim’s every 4 hours with positive results

[quote]sapasion wrote:
I don’t know why I didn’t mention this earlier. My preference with dbol is at least 4 hits a day. There are some people who advocate long periods in between dosages so it clears. I’m not one of those people. I don’t know what quantity your pills are likely 5mg or 10mg. If so, you might consider 3-5 smaller dosages. 15mg x 3 or better yet 10mg x 5. Depending on who you believe dbol’s half life is just 4-6 hours, which suggests to me multiple dosing. I personally run 2 naposim’s every 4 hours with positive results[/quote]

I’ve had terrific results myself from splitting it into 3 doses about 6 hours apart. 10/10/10 or 15/15/10.

Hmm, thanks for the tip =].

I am gonna keep this as a log, but before I start my cycle I am not really defined right now. Should I just manage the calorie intake? I need 3700 calories to maintain right now, 4400 calories to gain. Once I am on cycle I assume I can eat 5000-5500 calories with little to no fat gain. Should I just do a velocity diet now, or let some of the fat loss happen on cycle.

Don’t get me wrong, this is going to be a bulk cycle, but I do want to be able to see what I pack on.

If I do the velocity diet now, I will post the pictures after my fat loss, and after cycle for anyone interested in my log.

Also I updated my original post.

Cycle updated AGAIN. I had to make changes as a source changed and product availability. I decided anadrol would be better for a future cycle.