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Theuofh's Training Log

2/18/08 Lift

Warm Up: 2x500 m Row (Easy Pace)
BW Squats

Back Squats+Rows:
WU- 135x8+20 Push Ups
175x6+20 Push Ups
185x5+15 Push Ups,135x5 rows
205x3, 135x5 rows

Work w/ 1 min rest- 225lbs+115lbsx3+6,3+6,3+6,3+6,3+6,3+6,3+6,2 215lbs+no rowsx2

…Absolutely killed my lower back. I haven’t missed a squat in awhile and this did it to me. I was also sweating profusely.

WU - 95x4,4
Work - 115x5,5,5,5,5 w/ 1 min rest

…Pretty killer. Breathing heavy and got some attention in the weight room.

DB Neutral Grip Incline Bench:

DB External Rotation:
10x8,8,8 (per side)

Face Pulls + 2 count Hold:
60lb stackx6,6,6

Walking Lunge+Push Ups+45 deg Back Extension:
40lbs+bw+bwx10/leg+15+21 x 5 rounds

Long Stretch

…Pretty good workout. My shoulders been bad so instead of fucking around with it, I’m just going to do a lot of horizontal pulling, a lot of pushups, and a lot of rehab work until it feels better.

2/19/08 Rest

Should be jumping rope or doing some kettlebell swings. I’m going to get some good rest then do them tomorrow.

2/20/08 Cardio

Foam Roll

10 kb snatch/arm
25 bw squats
15 pushups plus
x 3 rounds

Random Jump Rope and Calf Stretch

2 min + 1 min rest jump rope
x 12 rounds

Light Stretch

…I really should have done this yesterday and took today off.

2/21/08 Lift

Warm Up:
5 min rower
Calves and Trap Stretch

Hang Snatch:
WU- Barx5, 65x5, 95x5, 115x3
Work- 115x3,2,3,2,3,2,3 (1 min rest)

Front Squat + Push Ups:
WU- 135x7+10, 155x6+10, 175x4+10
Work- 205x3+15,3+15,3+15,3+10,2+0
185x3+15,3+12,3+12,3+10,3+10 (1 min rest)

Back Squat:
Work- 135x20

Low Cable Row+1-Leg RDL:
Work - 110 stack/25lb platesx12+10,12+10,12+10,12+10

Incline Walk:
30 min @ 12 deg 3 mph (~5 min wu/5 min cool down)

…Low carb takes its toll at weeks end. I went from 215 10x3 w/ strict 1 min rest to 185 barely getting it done or maybe I just had a bad day.

2/22/08 Circuit

Warm Up:
10 kb snatch/arm
25 bw squat
15 push ups
20 sit ups
x 3 rounds

20 kb swing
12 burpee
12 push ups
x 7 rounds

…Burpees suck. Starting carb up w/ full serving original Surge. Fucking delicious. I’ve been saving a piece of cake w/ had to celebrate a big project milestone at work. I’ll eat that later then switch to oatmeal and lower GI carbs for the duration of tomorrow.

I’ll do some depletion calcs tomorrow and make sure I’m doing this right and read the thread on guy’s experience on AD.

2/23/08 Rest

…Really screwed up this carb up. My fault entirely for thinking I could do it w/ chex mix and some baked lays. I cut it off a little bit ago, I feel great except for that fact that I totally went over cals and carbs.

…Back to <30g carb tomorrow. Next weeks carb up will be just pasta, or if I really get my shit together just yams, beans, corn, and non-grain carbs. Of course, I say that now but come next weekend who knows.

I am going to keep it to about ~400g carb split between friday night/thursday afternoon. I’ll see how that treats me then up it or lower it from there. I want to go as low as I can to perform throughout the week.

…I just weighted in at 178 lbs. That was +14lbs from Friday. I might have to skip next weeks carb up. Thats a lot of glycogen and water weight.

…Found this thread on the Bodybuilding Page:

…CT shed a lot of light on the current strategy and I am changing my approach. One carb up day on Saturday w/ ~250g carbs/week, most likely just a shake pre gym, some Surge PWO, some oatmeal or buckwheat pancakes as a PWO breakfast, and maybe some black beans or yams w/ lunch.

2/24/08 Rest

…Usually lift Monday and switching to this new dieting strategy messed w/ my routine.

New Workout Plan:

Mon) TBT Lift + 20-30 min Cardio
Tues) Circuits/Intervals
Wed) Rest or Slow Cardio
Thurs) TBT Lift + 20-30 min Cardio
Fri) Intervals
Sat) Short TBT + 20-30 min Cardio (Carb Up)
Sun) Rest or Slow Cardio

…I’m going to up my kcals also, 2400 on training days, 2200 on circuit days, and 2000 on rest/slow cardio days. I’ll drop them again when I feel it is appropriate.

2/25/08 Back in the Gym…

…I don’t think an excessive carb up set me back too much.

Warm Up:
5 min rower

Hang Clean:
WU - 95x4, 115x6, 135x4, 155x4
Work - 155x2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2
(…on the minute density style)

Back Squat+BW Pull Ups(PU) or Push Ups(PSU):
WU - 135x8+5, 165x6+5, 185x4+5, 205x3+5
Work - 225x3+6,3+6,3+5 (PU)
225x3+20,3+20,3+20 (PSU)
225x3+5,3+5 (PU)
225x3+15,3+15 (PSU)
…Strip the plates and right into…
Work - 135x10 (Failed attempt at 20)

Bent Rows + BW Push Ups:

Walking Lunges + 45 deg BW Hip Extension:
(…focused on a good glute squeeze and hold at the top of the hip extensions. I couldn’t walk right for about 15 min after)

Incline Walk:
30 min
…hell until I got some blood back into my lower back.

~10 min abbreviated session

Always stiff after a couple days off, especially back and hamstrings. I got my 10x3 @ 225 and next time I think I can add weight as I could really focus on my form and never really struggled with the weight, even with a tight and somewhat sore lower back.

These carb up days/refeeds are a god send, however they do hinder dieting progress, so 250g carb up between friday night and saturday breakfast w/ a workout on saturdays. I did not finish my 20 rep squats which I did a couple workouts ago pretty easily, although it didn’t feel like it. I’m a bitch for it and I won’t respect myself in the morning.

2/26/08 Recovery

…Extremely tight and slightly sore. Its going to be a recovery type workout, I’m thinking:

BW Squat x 25
Push Ups x 15
Sit Ups x 20
x 4 rounds

5 min Jump Rope

Long Stretch

KB Swings x 20
KB Snatches to OH Squat x 3/side
KB Presses x 10/side
Push Ups x 15
KB Rows x 12/side
BW Squats x 25
x 2 slow rounds

DB Cuban Rotation:

Longer Stretch

…Tomorrow I’m going to do between 30-40 minutes incline walk then lift again on Thursday. I’ve been trying to lose fat, but I honestly haven’t been doing enough slow cardio, not that I enjoy it all that much, but I need to take my medicine.

8/27/08 Jump Rope

…Raining and shitty out, so I didn’t feel like going to the gym just to do slow cardio. I did some jump roping at home instead.

Warm Up:
Some Jump Rope
Light Stretches
OH Squat Against Wall w/ Jump Rope
Squat Sits
Push Ups
BW Squats

Calve and Trap Stretch

2 min on + 1 min rest x 12 rounds Jump Rope
Calve Stretch and Bounces During Rest

Ab Roll Outs from Stair

…For some reason, I can never put in a solid effort the day after a tbt. I need to switch that day to recover or slow cardio, then do some harder interval/crossfit type work before my heavy tbt sessions.

…I’ve been getting a weird feeling in my legs at work. Kinda like the restless leg thing you get when you are trying to sleep, although I haven’t had that in awhile. My boss probably thinks I’m crazy, because his office is next time mine and all morning I couldn’t stop moving my legs. It was pretty bad. I think I’m going through this metabolic shift, from carb burning to fat burning.

8/28/08 Lift

…Went aviating this afternoon with a guy I work with. He took some of the guys in the office up in a little four seater. I got to take off, at least put some back pressure on the wheel, and we did some 0g dives and 2g turns.

It was kinda scary and it really messed with my CNS as I was burned out afterwards. I realized this when I got to the gym. I decide to test maxes and not overstimulate myself.

Warm Up:
1000m easy row
DROM/Grasso Complex
Calve Stretch

Hang Snatch:
95x2,2 (P. Snatch to OH Squat)
95x3,3,3 (45 sec rest)
115x3,3,3,3,3 (45 sec rest)

Back Squat:
275x1 (+20lb PR from last test)

Weighted ChinUps:
+75x1 (+5lb PR from last test)
…I need to work my biceps.

8/29/08 Rest

…Debating whether to finish dieting or to finish it up. I’m pretty weak and I think my goal should be developing more size and strength, however is it worth getting leaner first for better nutrient partitioning.

…I need two weeks at maintenance regardless.

[quote]theuofh wrote:
8/29/08 Rest

…Debating whether to finish dieting or to finish it up. I’m pretty weak and I think my goal should be developing more size and strength, however is it worth getting leaner first for better nutrient partitioning.

…I need two weeks at maintenance regardless. [/quote]

Just trying to work out your goal here (i’ve only flicked through the first four pages and I can’t seem to get onto your profile). Can you briefly summarize work done up to now and what you wanted to achieve out of this? please ;o)

So much for brief, the summary is as follows:

I have been trying to get to ~10% body fat without muscle loss in order to start building strength/mass without having to worry about my bodyfat.

I worked out in high school doing mainly upper body. I got out of shape then started climbing in college a little. Still kind of fat, modestly developed upper body, and moderately active. After college I drank beer, played golf, and ate for a Summer. Got really out of shape, and have been trying to figure out how to do things the right way.

I have started squatting and my lower body is fucking weak, I wish I trained it more when I was younger, but I have been dieting in order to get to a point where I don’t have to worry about my body fat. I really want to get my legs bigger and stronger, which is torture if you are dieting because you can squat all you want but you aren’t going to get bigger or stronger legs from it.

… and you are the first person to post in my training log. Congratulations and I hope I answered your questions. Feel free to ask any more.

The longer story follows:
I found this site in January. Started doing some circuit/crossfit style training with bw stuff and dumbbells in my apartment. My goal was to lose fat, get back in shape. I used to be a rock climber and still wasn’t interested in gaining muscle mass. I thought I was in shape too but I really wasn’t. I’m in a little better shape now, but still nowhere near where I want to be.

In late March I started getting back in the gym lifting weights. Learned how to back squat and I still don’t deadlift enough. Goal still was to lose fat. Been going to the gym about 2-3 days a week, with about 2 days of circuit training or jump rope in my apartment.

Throughout all this I have been working on my diet. Way back when I got a food scale and got on fit day. I started at 166 lbs near 20% bodyfat. Experimented with just eating clean foods and dieting, got down to near 158. Took some creatine and lost track of things for a bit, and now I am about 172 @ unknown bodyfat. I’m a lot leaner than I was, still nowhere near 10%.

My diet has been the thing I have experimented the most with, going from eating pizzas and ice cream nightly from the Summer after college when I was jobless and not working out, to clean eating, to carb cycling and now to a cyclical ketogenic approach.

My overall goal is to be strong and lean, between 170-180 lbs under 10% fat. I also want to be well conditioned, i.e. be able to perform high intensity crossfit style workouts in a good time. Overall, I am going for general strength and athleticism. I want to squat 405, bench 315, and deadlift 500+.

So my approach was something out of CT’s destroying fat. Some heavy lifting, some circuit style/lactic acid conditioning, and some slow cardio.

I also have been working on learning the oly lifts as well.

You seem to have a lot of “wants” there. You might need to ask Santa ;o)

On a serious note, looking at your pictures (able to get onto your profile now) you’ve obviously made a lot of progress on this. It also looks like you’ve kept yourself busy and have plenty of self discipline (which helps).

Couple of questions.

  1. What’s your max on bench and DL? I see your squat is 275. Just looking to see what your total would be for the 3 big lifts.
  2. Have you considered the Shotgun method?

IMO, I think you’re lean enough to get off the ketosis and consider a strength cycle.

Well done btw! Can’t understand why nobody has helped you out with this thread up to now but anyway, take it from me, you’ve done a good job so far.

  1. Bench is around 265. I think I did 275 when I got back in the weightroom although the kid I asked for a spot from had his fingers on the bar. I’m subtracting 10 lbs for that. In high school thats all I did really, benches, dips, pull ups, and some curls.

  2. No idea on the deadlift. I’ve played around with it, trying to get comfortable with the lift. I’ve been putting my hips too low and kinda squatting the weight up. 225 is as heavy as I’ve went, and I was focused only on form. I’ll do a max attempt tomorrow as I have a better idea of how to perform the lift now.

I found an article on the shotgun method. 1 day basic compound lifts, squat or dead and a heavy push and pull. Then 1 day tertiary or weak point work. It sounds interesting, as I’ve been thinking my legs and shoulders are the weakest parts of my body and could really use some work. My left shoulder has been bothering me, but I cut down on a lot of movements and focused on horizontal pulls and some rehab stuff and it is feeling a lot better.

…Thanks for the kind words as well. I’m happy with the progress, but always feel like I could’ve done more, been more, disciplined, put in a harder effort, etc. But, I think thats a pretty common feeling for a lot of individuals who frequent this website.

[quote]theuofh wrote:
I’m happy with the progress, but always feel like I could’ve done more, been more, disciplined, put in a harder effort, etc. But, I think thats a pretty common feeling for a lot of individuals who frequent this website. [/quote]

I’d say everybody except Anabolic_Mike. He thinks KNOWS he’s perfect already ;o)

On another note… I’m using a modified 10 * 3 system. Strength is definitely going in the right direction with it. You might want to check it out.

I was using the 10x3 to cut fat. I like it a lot. I’m thinking I’m due for a change in programming though.

The other option I was considering was doing a 4 week hypertrophy mesocycle followed by a 3 week strength mesocycle. Higher reps, more volume, then less volume higher intensity.

Other options are 5x5 linear progression for 8 weeks followed by 6 weeks of a 20-rep squat routine. Hopefully, now that I can eat enough food, I can milk some beginner gains out of it.

It is generally accepted that size increase always follows a strength increase. Therefore I would do a strength based routine for 6-8 weeks followed by a hypertrophy routine.

I’ve had success with both the 5x5 and 20 rep squats. Looking back though I think there are much better routines than the standard “Stuart McRobert” 20 rep squats that I followed.

I normally don’t plan out how long I’m going to stick to a routine as I usually wait until I don’t feel it working. This is especially true if the rep ranges change in minicycles within the overall plan.

You should be able to do some sort of 2 on 1 off routine using the 3 biggies.

Remember - Your body gets used to rep ranges quicker than exercises.

Hope this helps you decide

8/29/08-8/31/08 The Ugly:

I’ve been eating a lot, kinda binging and haven’t been to the gym. I’ve been making these whole wheat boboli bbq chicken pizzas with stubbs spicy barbecue sauce and like 2 lbs of chicken that are delicious. I also have a cyst behind my ear that is getting rather large. I tried to drain it with a compass needle, no go and I only pissed it off. I took like 3 shots of vodka to work up the courage, or more the stupidity to do it, as the goal was not accomplished and I probably made it worse.

I’m going to the emergency room tomorrow to see if they can do it, I left a message for the ENT on Friday, but it will probably me 2 months before they can get me in. I’m rather unhappy about all of this, and hopefully it will be taken care of tomorrow or at least I can get some antibiotics.

I’m also kind of drunk as I am finishing the bottle of vodka and haven’t been liquor drunk in awhile. It feels great, except my training is off track and I have growth behind my ear. I’m also starting to consider using an exacto knife to make a bigger excision and draining this shit once and for all. Hopefully, I won’t wake up with half an ear and a staph infection over half my face.

How this ended up in my training log, I don’t know, but I haven’t missed an entry for awhile and I’m not about to start. I’ll probably erase it tomorrow, or keep it as a hallmark of humility and shame, reminding me that under any circumstances, pain, fatigue, hardship, drunkenness, that man should always seek to preserve his dignity.

I will depart with a quote.
“Thoughts lead on to purposes; purposes go forth in action; actions form habits; habits decide character; and character fixes our destiny.”
-Tryon Edwards
(courtesy of www.strengthliberationacademy.com)