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These people should DIE!

I hope these two die a long an painful death!!!

I can’t get worked up emotionally over a weiner dog.

I’m with you, brother. That has to be one of the cruelest things I’ve read in a while. I think they should be drowned in the same fashion.

I agree. I have a yellow lab who my wife and I consider our “son”. That may sound weird to some people, but he is a very important part of our family. I can’t wait to walk through the door from work each day so he can greet me. If any sick fuck such as these two even thought about doing something like they did to that poor dog, well…let’s just say an eye for an eye.


That is one fine looking dog! Look at the character in that face. People who wonder how man can get so attatched to a dog need only look at the photo you posted.

Glad you posted that picture!

The dog wasn’t doing anything wrong and the people should get punished but a dog is not a human in the eyes of the law. They aren’t going to get the death sentence or million years at hard labor.

Thanks, Zeb. Don’t mean to hijack, but I never realized what unconditional love an animal had to offer until we got him. They truly are man’s best friend.

doogie: You have never had a dog, have you?

I have had dogs, but I also have kids. I understand the difference, and it does sound retarded to me when people say they consider their dogs to be their children. Dogs are just dumb animals, no different than the cow I ate for dinner or the chicken I ate for lunch.

PFFFFT, doogie.

Look at that picture. How can you call that thing just a ‘dumb animal’?

Hahaha lookit the way he’s sitting

I’ve had dogs, cats, fish, horses, mules, lambs, turkeys, chickens, lizards, various small rodents, and kids.

I would go to any length to save the life of my kid(s). I have a limit to what I’ll do to save one of my animals. I won’t pay for major surgery (except in the case of some of the horses), hip replacement, treatment of diabetes or epilepsy, etc. etc. for any of the animals. I love them in their own way but they aren’t even in the same county, let alone the ball park, as my kids.

The minute people start giving human traits and rights to animals is the minute we are on the road to being forced to be vegans by law.