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These Foods Work With T-Dawg2

Hi, I’m utilizing T-Dawg 2 and getting good results. How do these foods fit in with my diet, I love em, just dont know if they work.
Cashews, they seem like they would be ok, but high in fat.

Olives, favorite food, can I eat em?

My goal is fat loss, big time, I’m running at around 1800 cal, 70/100 carbs, 280 prot. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

I think cashews are fine, but they are higher in carbs than other nuts (10 in a 1/4 cup). As long as you pay attention to the carbs, there shouldn’t be any problems.


I have read that cashews are relatively high in carbs, so I don’t know if you’d want to make a habit of eating them while on T-Dawg.

Look 'em up…


Almonds are higher in protein, lower in fat, higher in fiber, and lowest in carbs (of most nuts)…I love cashews too, but I have a hard time eating just 1 serving…it usually ends up being 1/2 container.

Also be warned of the sodiun with nuts. I always get unsalted…even the lightly salted ones have too much salt IMHO.