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Has any1 ordered from this site, it seems everywhere i go i see a link to this, are they even a valid source for some orals? just curious since i see it everywhere.


I have seen this asked too many times. They DO NOT sell steroids.


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IT.S ALL BULLSHIT !!!! They take advantage of people that are clueless.


thats what i figured, just wanted to see what every1 else thought about it to conclude my thoughts


Ya, the stuff aint real...They try to con you by naming their products with an abbreviation of the real stuff. The roid store sells "healthier alternatives"


I'm not sure if a lot of people saw my post a while back about this, but I found a similar website selling Equipoison 250. That was by far the funniest one I've seen.


You gotta be kiddin ?? equiPOISON ?? I can see the people that are makin this shit sittin back laffin there asses off !!!


Thats it. Thats the place I am going to order from. They sound 100% legit.

:wink: lol