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Ok ya’ll, I want to know your opinions on thermos while cutting up. I just think that if you are only supposed to lose 2-2.5 lbs a week then what is the point with taking thermos if they make you lose more? Now with MD6 I can understand because of the tyrosine and the yohimbe, nice job guys at T-mag, but for the most what is the point? I know that ephedra has some muscle sparring effects, but I don’t think it spares it enough to keep you from losing a little. I can understand why one would use thermos if he/she started cutting up for a competition a little late. How many of you make thermos a staple in your cutting up process?

I couldn’t do it without ephedra. I recently went from 15%BF to 7% in 12 weeks and couldn’t have done it without thermos. Why wouldn’t somebody on a cutting cycle want to take advantage of some of the great supps available? If wanting to do it the hard way, what’s the point of technology and innovation? Use every means at your disposal for ultimate success.

To me, one of the biggest advantages of MD6 isn’t the “thermo” effect but the fact that it helps with appetite and carb cravings. Plus I just feel sooooooo good while on it.

I don’t use them. Ephedra gets me wacked out. I’ve used yohimbe and that doesn’t bother me. I’ve got my leanest without using them. Some people like them though.