Thermo's and muscle loss

I am in my 6th week of cutting, diet, training etc are all in check. I am starting to look shredded, but i am still holding on to the low gut and love handles more than i would like. I was thinking about using a thermo like ephedra but am concerned about muscle loss. Body fat is about 12% right now maybe lower but i don’t want to under estimate.

Rainbow had mentioned that Methoxy-7 is great for preserving LBM, would this still be true when using a thermo.

Thanks guys!

Yes, Methoxy-7 will still help even with the thermo. As long as you don’t cut your cals too low you should be fine. Additionally, ephedra has muscle-sparing properties, so that may help as well.

Yeah as was said by the poster above. Ephedra may help you to maintain muscle more than not using ephedra.

Ephedra does NOT have any “muscle sparing properties”. That is just a foolish notion. Since you used the word “about”, I believe that you actually have no clue what your body fat is. Try to get that measured. If you are at 12%, then all you should need to do is cut calories more, especially carbs. Keep your protein intake high. Ephedra will help as an appetite suppressant. You might try 4-ad-ec for a muscle sparing supplement.