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Thermo's and Cardio???

I would imagine a number of you utilize stimulants (MD6) before training and especially before cardio. So my question(s) is/are as follows:

Assuming one is performing cardio @ 65% max HR (Sorry HIIT followers), how does supplementing with an EC(A) stack affect fat utilization? As I understand it, one’s max HR is indeed elevated when under the influence of stims. but does anyone have numbers of proportion? Meaning, if one’s “target HR” @ 65% is 131, under “normal” circumstances, what would it be under “influenced” circumstances?

bodyguard - i don’t know a formula persay, but i do know that when i jog at a pace of a 6 minute mile off thermos i usually get a heart rate of 165-170. when i am on thermos i get a heart rate of 195+ at the same exact pace. don’t know if this helps or not, but this is what i have experienced. kevo

Caffeine helps to liberate fatty acids. So especially on a low calorie diet this is useful for sparing amino acids and glycogen storage.

thats the beauty of the stimulants, you achieve the percent of maximum with less exertion, your 60% is not altered, just a more reachable goal. let the thermos do the work, and you focus on the HR, remember just do what you have to in order to get results, anything else is simply that…EXTRA!

Thanks to those that have replied, as I bump this back to the first page.