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Thermogenics That Work?

Does anyone have a positive experience with increased fat loss do to the use of a thermogenic supplement?

Nope. Nothing that can be seen outside the lab. Even clen does not do too much.

Ephedrine sure helped when I was wrestling, but I’m pretty sure it did my heart no favors

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fat loss = calorie deficit :slight_smile:

come on guys. I came in here for a magic pill.


larryb1 here. I also had good results using ephedrine in the past,combined with caffeine and aspirin. I think it was called the E.C.T. stack back then. I’ve lost 12 lbs of fat in the last 2 weeks due to calorie deficent. Thanks for all replies to my post !

I had good results with ephedrine,caffeine, and aspirin 20 years ago. I lost 95 lbs. in a year and did no exercise except walking 3 or 4 miles daily, and did not really diet. I’m afraid that I’m too old to risk using ephedrine now

You’ve lost 12lbs in 2 weeks and you’re asking for a thermo too…?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If this is actually true, you are 3k calories deficit daily, which most likely means you are either incorrect in your numbers, or you still have a significant amount of weight left to lose (not judging either way). Regardless, you need to understand what a maintainable deficit is, and be honest with yourself regarding progress. I do this with daily weigh-ins and weekly progress pictures but some people can do this with the mirror alone.

Can I ask what your height, weight, age, macros/calories and training regimen look like?
As others have said, most thermos have a very small effect. In the scenario that you have diabetes and a significant amount of weight to lose, I suggest speaking with your doctor about GLP-1 medications like Semaglutide. All this said, there is nothing you can take that will correct a bad diet and/or lack of exercise.