Thermogenics + Hypo-Active Thyroid

Hey guys, just a quick question here. My girlfriend has whats called a hypo-active thyroid, and she is having a really hard time finding a product that works on her. It seems that every “know-it-all” in the supplement stores always give her the total oposite of what she needs, and she starts having brutal side effects the same day she starts taking them.

I was hoping someone on here could suggest something that may actually work on her. She watches her diet very closely and goes to the gym 3-4 days out of the week, for weights and cardio- other than that I dont know too much about her training. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

When you say hypo-active thyroid, did a doctor diagnose this and prescribe meds?

Doctors have medicine to correct malfunctioning thyroids.

Oh sorry. I should have said that she is on medication and has been for years) to keep her thyroid levels in check- I was just looking for a thermogenic for her that wouldnt have a negative effect on her condition.

I’ve only used HOT-ROX Extreme and am now off of it…but I don’t think thermogenics are going to affect the thyroid much or increase the body’s caloric expenditure to a significant degree. If anything, these thermogenics work well in terms of nutrient partitioning…directing more nutrients towards muscle when eating in excess and stripping away more fat and helping preserve more muscle when in a deficit.

Of course, your body will grow a tolerance towards it.

Killswitch, i’ve got hypothyroidism (sluggish thyroid) and take meds. it took me a while to realize that i function better without thermogenics/stimulants(yep, even coffee). I read somewhere that stimulants for people with hypothyroidism is analogous to flooding a car engine. If your girlfriend isn’t feeling the meds are doing the job, ask about combo meds that include synthetic T3. I found a doctor (D.O.) who agreed to try that with me and though it took a couple months, I feel much better. Mentally and physically. for what it’s worth…