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Thermogenics: How Good?


How much of a percentage of losing weight do you think fat burners help. We only have 3 more months in our deployment and alot of guys are wanting to start cutting up.

Now I now that diet and then training and the keys to fat loss. Espicially diet, but how much to you REALLY think products like HOT-ROX (I love Biotest by the way) or others really help if your diet and training are good. 10% of cutting? 1%???? I have no idea and have never taken any thermogenics or such. So I am pretty curious to see what you all think or what results you have had. Thank you


Eh depends on the thermogenic I suppose. Only a few out there that really seem to turn things up for me though...gonna try HOT-ROX soon though!


Well, if you're going to try anything i would go with a Biotest product (HOT-ROX). Since Ephedrine's ban i'd question how well most of the "thermos" out there will work.

If anyone is making the best product that can be made without using ephedrine it would be Biotest.
(in my opinion)

I tried MD-6 (Biotest's ephedrine-based thermo) when it was legal and i peeled off fat like you would not believe.

Def give HOT-ROX a try!


I will deff. suggest HOT-ROX for my fellow soldiers!!! Biotest is all i use personally. I am wondering more how much you think HOT-ROX contibutes to fat loss compared to diet and exercise ie. 70%diet, 25% Training, 5% supplements. I am wondering what some you T-Nationers more educated than me feel on this.
Thank YOU


I don't think you can really associate it with a percentage. I think the right thermogenics are more about quality over quantity.

I've always been fairly lean. Off-season I teeter around 9-10% body fat. This is just where I am healthiest (good test levels, immuno function, etc.). I've been around this body fat for near-forever so its no shock that this is where my body is most comfortable.

When I start getting in-season that has to come down around 5%. I can get down there without supplements, but its a long tough road often flirting with overtraining. I notice when I take HOT-ROX my weight loss is quality weight loss and I don't get the feeling like overtraining is just waiting to catch me napping.

Also, HOT-ROX has always helped me keep (if not improve) my LBM and performance levels throughout a taper. This is extremely important if you are expecting to keep this off. I generally have to keep the body-fat under 6 for 4+ months and still be able to perform my best.