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Thermogenics for Trimming Down

I just gained 25lbs in the last 2 months and alot of strength. now, i’m looking to trim the fat. i don’t want to take anything with much caffine. i took animal cuts last summer and it made me sick. so are there any thermogenic products that i can take that will give me the results i’m looking for w/o the caffine? thanks alot!

HOT-ROX Read the product thread it should fit the bill

Is your diet inline? I’m very skeptical about thermogenic products (I have used HOT-ROX) and insist that DIET MUST BE the #1 thing you are doing. Consider HOT-ROX that extra 3 or 5 % to get you where you need to be, but diet is 95%

While I understand the temptation to speed things up by using thermogenics, I question the point. If you just have a little fat to lose, you could probably get the results you’re after simply by focusing on your diet and doing some HIIT.

I agree… while a thermogenic will no doubt aid in fat loss, you can melt some fat off by doing some HIIT or some lactic acid training…

If all else fails try some Trim Spa, have you seen those commercials? I know you’re thinking it was the crack that Anna Nicole Smith took to slim down, no sireee, it was Trim Spa…

Seriously tho… if all else fails HOT-ROX will get you where you want to be…