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Hello T-Folk. I would love your HELP with a little problem i’m having. I went to purchase MD6 for my fat loss cycle(i’ve chosen to stay natural) but the local supp stores are out of it. My father had a bottle of BetaLean taht he never used so i substituted that for now. I feel nothing from it and haven’t seen that much results. I was thinking of trying xenadrine, but i used it last year with great results on time and horrible the next. Can anyone suggest decent subs for MD6 until i can get my hands the new formula

Mike, Your goal is easily accomplished by purchasing one of millions of effedrine products for cutting. Personally I use this product very sparily as effedrine is a bi product used in the making of Meth- am- FED- amines. Very bad stuff. When I do buy it I use it in liquid for in a drink like Ripped Max, Thermal speed, or speed stack. I use it only to push me when I am extremely un motivated to do cardio or burned out.
Cutting Fat is best accomplished by putting in your time doing cardio. Eat limited carbs, no rice bread pasta potatoes and take in vegy and fruit and some meal replacement shakes have 25 grams of carbs. Use mprs after lifting routines. I can swear by this. I was once the size of a Good Year Blimp and over the last 4 years am cut off all my flab by practicing what I preached. THank God I am now cut and ripped. Peace

I liked Ripped Fuel a couple years ago, It did make me more jittery than MD6 does. I’d say order some(MD6) over the internet, 2nd day air and just wait a couple days.

There’s an internet company that sells “affordablesupplements.” They might have some MD6 in stock.

Thanks for the replies so far guys and gals…any experiences or opinions on thermos …greatly appreciated…they haven’t been workin for me lately and tahts w at least three months in between usage…and no mor etahn 4 weeks a clip

As far as experience with these thermogenics goes, here’s my story. When I started taking xenadrine, I experienced massive insomnia. I’d work out, stay up all night, work out, stay all night, then crash like hell. I felt like I was on something that was more than just natural. I’ve tried adipokinetix also, and that stuff made me dizzy as hell. I was taking 2 capsules, three times a day. The label on the bottle didn’t really help either, so I wasn’t sure how much I was taking. If you read the label yourself, you would know what I’m talking about. The company doesn’t make it clear how much of the ingredients are in every dose. Anyway, I found out there was 25 mg of norephedrine in each capsule, and I was taking six a day. That was more norephedrine my body could handle at once. Fucking Syntrax! As far as the fat loss went, both xenadrine and adipokinetix worked well for me. I did see fat come off. I’m on MD6 right now, and it’s working great. I’ve been on it for about four weeks now. The first couple of weeks, I felt some slight tingly sensations on my arms, legs, and head, but that went away over time. It must have been from the yohimbine. If you’re gonna take adipokinetix, see how much you can tolerate. It’s pretty potent. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Whenever I’ve taken any form of thermo with the Yohimbe, I become at least somewhat impotent. It goes away soon after I discontinue use but that’s six weeks of a struggle! I’ve spoken to others and they have had the same problem.