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Thermogenics, Bill?..others

Hiya guys. I’m still doin the massive eating and wanted to stay on it for the entire 12 weeks of Ian’s Get Buffed program but this is gonna be week three coming up and week 5 of the diet. So that’ll take me almost into July, not looking forward to being a fatty for the summer. so i’m thinking now about what to do to rid me of my fat. I was wondering what are your favorite thermos (regardless of company) . I know from reading the fat fast that MD6 is just plain awesome at curbing hunger , but what about burning fat. I think i remember Bill telling a competitive BB to useMD6 with an ECA product. I might be taking this outta context and i’m sorry if I am Bill, just wondering if thats what you meant. What do you think is the best fat burnig thermo out there. Thanks guys. I’m prob gonna be about 11 or 12 % bf by the end of the Massive Eating i would love to get down to 6 (i’m thinking of stacking a thermo and methoxy for a month then adding T2 to the mix. hit me back with some opinions on thermos and my plan thanks(sorry for the length)Mike

None of you guys have opinions on thermoogenics, come on i’ve seen t-opinions on eeeeeeverything else…haha. p.s i never mentioned taht it was Bill ROBERTS who i was referring to.sorry Mr. Roberts.

I think that norephedrine has some thermogenic properties and may have LBM preservation properties when dieting, but thermogenic effect is certainly increased by using ephedrine as well. If a person tolerates ephedrine well, sure, throw in 25 mg 2 or 3 times a day.

I’d get a product that uses ephedrine HCl not
ephedra, because ephedra is all over the map in terms of its content. The label statement of standardization should not be taken seriously. I can’t remember the name of the brand I use right now (have posted it before) simply because I haven’t used it for a few months and don’t have it here in my office. However, it’s simple enough to check items on the store shelf and find one that uses ephedrine HCl.