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thermogenics and testosterone production

What is the effect of thermogenics such as ephedrine and caffeine on natural T production? I have looked into this, but have found conflicting reports – some saying that thermos lover, raise, do not affect T-production. Any insight into this would be very helpful. Also if anyone knows of any trustworthy studies, please let me know so I can look em up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve read literature that they can assist in restoring T levels after an AAS cycle and I know they seemed to help me after a Mag-10 or Androsol cycle.

I’ve never read anything about them affecting T-levels one way or the other.

Bill Roberts in his article “Inhibition and Recovery of Natural Testosterone Production” at the meso-rx site discusses the beta agonist effect of Ephedrine on T recovery and recommends Ephedrine post cycle. I believe I remember Llewellyn discussing this as well.