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Thermogenics and Strength


My friends have been using thermogenic supplements, and they claim to have higher vigor when in the gym. They even claim to use thermogenics on a PR day. I'm thinking of buying thermogenics for this reason, but not before I get some feedback on how thermogenics affected your strength levels.

BTW, there are no Biotest supps here in the Philippines, so HRX is out of my list. My top choice right now is Unidyne. Still, I'd like to hear how HRX or Unidyne or any other thermogenic stuff helped you gain strength.


Generally thermogenics have caffeine and other stimulants.

Stimulants, but caffeine particularly, mask perception of effort to some degree (yes this ahs been studied), basically allowing for a higher level of performance. They also improve energy levels and stamina, which is also good performance. Its not so much a thermogenic, but most likely the CNS stimulants contained in them.


Thermogenics also stimulate blood flow. You get pumped faster and enjoy better vascularity. Your metabolism is in a slightly higher gear so you feel more “stoked” and the caffeine and other stimulants fuel you to push harder and feel less difficulty.

Yes, there is definitely something to it. I always take a thermo and heavy stim before a max lift day.


Thanks guys. Since I could train harder and longer with thermogenics, does that mean my training gains would be better (due to increased volume and intensity, similar to creatine and beta alanine’s effects)? Or would it only lead to some sort of dependence on stimulants? Would it be a good idea to take it before every workout just for its stimulation?


I dont take caffeine & i dont like NO supps. However i was given a tub & saved it specifically for these purposes.

When i did a HST cycle, i specifically used it only before my ME days & squeezed an avg. of 2 reps EVERY set. It was clearly the caffeine, because i was low-carb etc. & i wasnt dragging my tired arse into the gym like normal at 5am, i was amped & ready for war.


I take Spike on training days and notice a difference if i dont/forget to take it…I tend to lag at the end of my workouts.

I’ve taken HRX a few times; both times cutting, and I’ve noticed an obvious increase in energy (caffinee!!!) but I didn’t hit any PR’s b/c I was cutting and not focusing on putting up bigger numbers.

All in all, I’d say that once and a while on a PR day a good stimulant would work for some…

Or instead of following your friends, you save your money, buy chicken, train harder then them and put up bigger numbers and grunt in their faces!!! GRR!!!

Just another option.


I’ve heard cases of people suffering from heart ailments due to abuse of thermogenic substances. Just be careful.


[quote]2274 wrote:
I’ve heard cases of people suffering from heart ailments due to abuse of thermogenic substances. Just be careful.[/quote]

Yeah, I was also fearing that. I’ll just take them before workouts to lessen the risk. Besides, I’m not mainly using them to lose fat.