Thermogenics and Ectomorphs

Heres the deal. Im an ectomorph/hardgainer. However through proper nutrition and training Ive been able to gain and lose weight very effectively. I was wondering. If I am looking to cut down after bulking would it be a better idea to use thermogenics before workouts rather than doing a little extra cardio. My rationale would be that doing cardio could lead to unwanted protein loss while a thermogenic would help with getting rid of that last stubborn fat without sacrificing lean body mass. I’d apreciate some good feedback. Thank you.

Just bumping it up to see if anyone has any input.

If you’re an ecto, I don’t see why in the heck you’d want to do cardio! But in anycase, to answer your inquery, I’d say, stick with your cardio. During any type of aerobic exercise, the body naturally heats up. Heating it up any more might make the catabolism/fat burning ratio tip more in the catabolism side. After cardio, it tends to cool off and the metabolism drops lower than what it’d normally be I’d imagine. Now would probably be a good time to take a thermogenic compound. However, do be aware that some thermogens suppress appetite. Probably not a good idea to take an appetite suppresant after a work out. Also, the exercise you put on your body should make you somewhat tired. If you take a thermogen afterwards, it might keep you up. So yes, you will burn the extra fat, but you’ll lack the much needed growth hormone from the sleep. As ironic as this sounds, you’d probably be better off taking a downer than an upper after your cardio and after you’ve consumed a meal, an hour or 2 after. Also, taking a cortisol blocker prior to your cardio might help but don’t quote me on that. Other than that, I’d recommend you not worry about thermogens. Increase your workout duration or spread it out between meals, eat more lean meat, and get the extra sleep.