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What’s your favorite thermogenic? I never got to try Biotest’s before production was ceased, and I’m awaiting their new product with anticipation.

Doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun, go to dpsnutrition or netrition to still find MD6.


As an FYI, Netrition no longer carries MD-6…

Bodybuilding.com still carries MD6.

I couldn’t remember which one had it still thanx.


Since you asked about what our favorite is I have to say that “Minni thins” (25mg ephedra HCL) and “Stay Awake’s” (200mg caffeine) and 350mg asprin are the best thing Ive have ever used. I have used MD-6 and it was the best thermogenic compared to Xenadrine and Hydroxycut etc… But NOTHING compared to the other stack

By the way I get the “Mini Thins” from the gas station ($6.99)

DPS still has it.

I really like to make my own eca too. i can usually handle fairly high doses of caffine with the E.

Yup, I rarely if ever use a thermo for fat loss help, but I did about a month ago and the best thing I put together was ephedrine hcl 16mg, caffeine 200mg, aspirin 75mg, r-ala 100mg, yohimbine hcl 6mg. I also have MD6 and my own version worked a tab bit better. I used both for one week and the second week was better with own formula.

Da Boxer

kilosports sells it by the way, just add r-ala to it.