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Thermogenic while BULKING

Has anyone ever experimented using thermogenics while bulking?

If so, does this help to minimize fat gain and enhance lean gains by causing a more favorable nutrient partioning effect assuming you a taking in adequate calories?


I have been using Red Bands while bulking, along with Alpha Male and M. It seems to be working great for me. Seems to make it a bit easier to pack on more LBM/BF.

Only problem I am experiencing now is that my activity out of the Gym has increased greatly and even with a 500 k/cal raise I am still leaning out a bit. So I am still trying to find that new level.

Give it a go. I think you will enjoy the Red Bands and bulking.

Hope that helps,

Hey phill

on a fat loss basis alone how would you rate Red Bands? I have used Hot Rox in the past at max dosage and even with my diet in line I didn’t notice a “difference” after 4 weeks. Would you consider the Red Bands to be much more potent and worthwhile?

[quote]beAman13 wrote:
Hey phill

on a fat loss basis alone how would you rate Red Bands? I have used Hot Rox in the past at max dosage and even with my diet in line I didn’t notice a “difference” after 4 weeks. Would you consider the Red Bands to be much more potent and worthwhile?[/quote]

I’m not Phil, but I have used Hot-Rox and Red Bands. While I could definitely see a noticable difference with just 2 Hot-Rox capsules per day, I’ve been losing fat even faster with Red Bands. The cool thing about Red Bands for me is that the larger serving size makes it easier to tailor the serving to your exact needs. I take 3 to 4 capsules a day.

Don’t forget that Red Bands is an even better deal for the $$ too.


Well call me a freak if you will. I have used both HOT ROX and Red Bands, only never during a cutting cycle.LOL
I have always used during bulks to thwart off excess BF/LBM gains.

I have seen success with both but I have to lean toward the Red Bands as being more effective. During this bulk I made the switch from HOT ROX to Red Bands when they released it. The results have been amazing. While staying at the same intake, I continued to make gains in the gym yet shed the small amount of excess fat needed/expected during a bulk.

I then of course hit a plateau where I had leaned out and was no longer making gains, but man I have leaned out. Now, I am staying lean as hell (for a bulk). I upped the cals 400 more so far and am getting no fat gain and making progress in the gym. I am going to finish this week ( that will be 2 since the raise) and re-evaluate. I imagine another 300 or so rise will come at the end of this week, (and possibly more to maximise gains) to keep this bulk going.

I was just getting to the point of accepting the fat I had to carry to make good gains. Seems with Red Bands I can make Good Gains and stay lean. That is tough for a former fatty.

So after all that. I would venture to say my experience with the two would lead me to beleive that the Red Bands would be superior for a cutting phase also.

Hope all that blabbing helped.


Just out of curiosity, what are you doing as far as training? I doing a simliar stack to yours, M, Alpha Male, and Red Bands which I started a couple of weeks ago. I guess sick minds think alike or something. I’m doing WSB right now with some GPP on the off days. Also I working on adding strongman stuff into it during the pm or weekends.


I have actually just stared a 6 day a week program (6 0n 1 0ff)I have designed myself, drawing the majority of it’s inspiration off of the principles of CW. Throw in a little CT, and T-nation in general.lol

I am nearly done with week 2 and I think it will ROCK once I get these K/cals straight. I am getting great results even though I seemingly need another increase.

Oh I am also doing a LOAD of GPP my self, in the form of yard work and such. We are not talking trimming bushes. For examle yesterday I just finished digging a 18’L x 5’W x 3’D pond. Fun Fun.

Anyway that is about it. Once I get the particular on how this training program works out in the end I will let you all know if your interested. I origianlly planned it to be a 6 week program but may extend it to 8 once I get to the intake increase I need.



Oh and Cezar, your stack and mine are not similar they are exactly the same. I am also using M, and Alpha Male (5 0n 2 0ff) with the Red Bands.

Like you said about thinking alike.

I am pondering on throwing in a Mag 10 cycle here pretty quick also, with the Red Bands. I have a couple Bottles just a calling my name.

Throw in the Surge, ZMA, and LC GROW! Boy, my blood is pumping pure Biotest.I just hope they dont come out with yet another Top Notch product that I just have to try out. LOL