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Thermogenic Question

I have avoided thermogenics out of concerns that ephedrine inteferes with propecia and reduces its effectiveness. The information I have read was vague, but I did read this in a couple of places online…I have been taking propecia to stop hairloss for 6 months(successfully) and dont want to spoil its results…

So basically…does ephedrine really reduce the effectiveness of propecia? If there is interference, would this be considerable enough to avoid ECA’s all together??

I know some of these questions might be a little too specific, but I am hoping someone who has used propecia and ECA at the same time can help me out here…or maybe Bill Roberts, or someone else in the know how can answer this

Check this out…right at the bottom it says that ephedrine “reduced the effect of Finasteride”


I am just wondering if this “reduction in finasteride’s effect” is large enough to avoide ephedrine/norephedrine alltogether(dont know if this applies to norep. as well) . Can someone who has used propecia/proscar with ephedrine based thermogenics respond?

I doubt that ephedrine interferes with finasteride’s inhibition of 5alpha-reductase and with reducing conversion of T to DHT.

However, ephedrine is known to cause, I’m
not sure, either temporary prostate enlargement or at least some kind of effect
on the prostate that can slow urination rate.

So in that sense, while finasteride could
benefit the prostate, ephedrine taken at
the same time (or by itself) can act to
temporarily cause the impression of a prostate problem, which one could call reducing the
effect of finasteride though it really isn’t.