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Thermogenic/ECA with Tren/TestP

Hi everyone, new to this board.

I am currently on a 5 week pro-natural diet to reduce body fat to an acceptable level before I begin my cutter for the summer. I am going to be running TrenA 75mg EOD and Test P 100mg ED. These are the best gains/sides ratio for me personally.

I am currently 245lbs and I have the side, belly and outter pec fat that I am currently reducing at about 1.5lbs/week. My question is this. I want to get the most out of the fat metabolim characteristics of Tren (the test is for mojo really). I know that Tren will help me stay lean and the test will aid in some strength and recovery, but I was wondering if there would be any benefit to adding a thermogenic or possible an ECA stack to my cycle? I want to be as lean as possible while preserving my current muscle mass. I dont plan on getting huge gains in size on this cycle, just cuts. I eat really clean, meals are measured and prepped weekly. I didnt know if the addition of a thermo would help metabolize more fat or if it would be pissing in the wind.

Any advice would be great!


Doesnt sound like a bad idea at all.

I wouldnt run the ECA stack for too many days strait as your body will desenstise rather quickly.

Also shoot the tren ace ED especially since you are already shooting the prop that often. It only makes sense.

Hey, thanks for the reply!! Did a ton of research today and decided that I am going to start a thermogenic (Venom Hyperdrive 3.0) and run that for a few weeks to help me lean out before I start my cycle. After that this is what I plan on running:

Week 1: Tren 75mg/TestP 100mg/ECA
Week 2: Tren 75mg/TestP 100mg/Venom 2x/day
Week 3: Tren 75mg/TestP 100mg/Venom 2x/day
Week 4: Tren 75mg/TestP 100mg/ECA
Week 5: Tren 75mg/TestP 100mg/Venom 2x/day
Week 6: Tren 75mg/TestP 100mg/Venom 2x/day
Week 7: Tren 75mg/TestP 100mg/ECA
Week 8: Tren 75mg/TestP 100mg/Venom 2x/day
Week 9: Venom 2x/day/PCT (HCG&Clomid)
Week10: ECA/PCT
Week11: ECA/PCT (potentially may not use ECA this week)

I am going to make sure that I am getting high amounts of qualative proteins and low GI carbs in addition I will be adding a higher amount of BCAA for muscle preservation along with the usual cycle supps like LiverLonger, Multiple Vitamin, Hawthorn berry, Creatine Ethyl Ester, EAA’s, Glutamine, Cranberry Extract, Ect.

Let me know what you think!



I deicded to bump this instead of creating a new thread. I am getting ready to start my cycle in about 10 days. I am usually not prone to gyno at all even when I was taking 500mg of sustanon a week (unless its dianabol, man that shit makes my nipples hurt.) I was wanting to keep as lean and dry as possible on the above cycle and was wondering if I should throw an AI like .5mg Adex in to prevent aromatization or are the doses to small to worry about?

Another thing is that I have 15,000 iu HCG that I have been saving (un-assimilated ofcourse). I have read so many different threads on it my head is spinning. Use it on cycle, use is post cycle, 500iu ED, 1500 iu ED, ect. Anyone have a straight forward answer on this. I will be running a SERM as well (clomid) post cycle as well, but after the HCG…right?

I appreciate any help. I want to get the most out of this cycle that I can!!



Whats venom?

Id only run the eca stack throughout the cycle and not during pct.

Run your hcg 2x/wk at 250iu throughout the 8 weeks…

Start with .25mg of adex EOD. If you have issues then bump the dosage accordingly.

Read the thread on tren induced gyno that has been made recently to give yourself more info on the topic.

Are you saying you plan to run both nolva and clomid post cycle? What are you plans with dosages and why both?

Thanks for the reply.

Venome is a pretty potent therogenic, but I am considering reconfiguring that part of the cycle because I dont want to become resistant to caffein.

I am not running Nolva/Clomid, just the clomid. Sorry for the mis-comm. Thanks for the info, I will look for the Tren post and read up and thank you for the info on adex and HCG!!