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Thermogenic During PCT

I am currently on a Prohormone (Promagnon/Cynostane/Tren,Max LMG, etc.), and I am looking into doing a thermogenic with my pct. My PCT will include Nolva (not the fake shit), test booster (including animal fats), zinc (for hormone regulation), and wanted to know if anyone has ever tried a thermo with their pct?

I have heard that caffeine is beneficial to a pct cycle. This is my second prohormone cycle so I do not need anyone telling me they are bad for your health (initially took Havok about 2 years ago and got huge, was very beneficial to training).

got huge off havoc huh? well… you would be the first…

caffeine is really only beneficial if you are:

-a teenybopper (which I strongly believe you are given the nature of your post)

-in precontest.

Caffeine Is a vasoconstrictor which is not beneficial to training

Teenybopper? Really? No. I got huge off of havoc mainly due to the fact that i took it after i had a season ending wrestling injury. But thanks for the info. That’s what i figured. Some know-everything-about-everything was telling me otherwise. Just wanted to clarify.

Thunderbirds are go, Thundercats are loose. Your name is all wrong.

Caffeine is good, especially with sugar and cream.

I wouldn’t be trying to cut during PCT. It’s a fragile time.