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thermogenic bulking

hey everyone. this is a plan i thought up, and i wanna run it by you all and see what you think. ill be finishing up my keto diet next week(good results so far), and i was going to start a bulking phase. but i also wanted to possibly burn a little more fat, or maybe keep me steady. so i thought of taking some md6 while taking some 4ad. i know it might supress my appetite a little, but i know i can overcome that and eat like a pig(while watching what im eating) do you think its worth taking md6? will it aid at all with some more fat burning while bulking, or just hinder what i could be gaining.

I think T2 or T2-Pro may be a better choice here. But in truth, trying to bulk while losing fat is mixing two distinct goals and probably isn’t possible for a natural trainer with average genetics.

I have used ephedra during bulking cycle for nutrient partioning effect and more intense WO with good results. Some have tradionally used clen for the same reason. On hypocaloric diet, it will help burn fat. On hypercaloric diet, it will tend to let you store less fat.

More calories than it takes to maintain your weight=weight gain. Less calories than it takes to maintain your weight=weight loss. With that in mind where does a fat burner fit in if the goal is to gain?

As long as you’re not taking too much of it you can expect to remain leaner while bulking and having more energy for your workouts. An ideal time to use thermos when on a bulking cycle would of course be prior to a workout. Dan Duchaine wrote about using thermos on a bulking cycle long ago in Muscle Media…he had guys gaining lots of muscle without much, if any, increase in bodyfat.