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Thermodynamics, keeping me fat?!?!

Heres the deal. I have had thyroid mesured by a doctor and endocrinologist. They both told me my levels are normal. However I have a slow metabolism & leaning down is a bitch for me!
When I take my temp it always around 97 my Docs told me 97-99 is “normal.”
Am I fat because of this low body temp?! Whats worst is I am trying 25mcg of T3 AND MD-6 and although I feel hotter my temp wont get past my usual 97!
Is something wrong with me?! I mean should I up the T3 to 50-even 100mcg until I am at 99-100, I am guesing a highret temp. would mean FASTER fat loss?!

Some individuals require 25 mcg/day T3 for full replacement, others require 50 mcg, and others may need something inbetween.

It could be that in your case, 50 mcg is what you need, and 25 mcg is not accomplishing so much because for you, it’s not getting the levels up so much, and/or perhaps you easily suffer inhibition of TSH and natural thyroid production from the 25 mcg/day of T3.

I would try T2 because with that, you can get your metabolism up without suppressing your natural thyroid as much as the T3 will. For long term use, keep it moderate, 1 capsule per day might suffice and I would not go past 2 for long term, and would not go past the label dose even for short term.

I would not try for 99-100 degrees daytime temperature either. It sounds like your body, for reasons I don’t understand, is “set” for a little lower temperature than average. Just pushing yourself up to 98.0-98.6 is probably as far as you should go, if even that. Make sure you are not experiencing adverse cardiovascular effects, too… don’t push your temperature up at the cost of making your heart work too hard (monitor your pulse rate, make sure you retain good tolerance to heat, do not have muscle weakness, don’t have new problems with insomnia.) And definitely don’t push the dose past label dose till you see these side effects, either! I am just saying that IF you
see them, DEFINITELY back well down.