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Thermic Effect of Veggies?


Berardi mentions the Thermic effect of protein - do veggies have the same effect?


veggies are solely carbs, with scarce amounts of protein. Although carbs have a small thermic effect compared to protein, many veggies can be said to have "negative calories", as the process of digestion offsets the amount of calories the vegetable has. Namely, celery and lettuce.


Well - that's mainly what I was wondering - does the body really take so much energy to digest my veggies that I can count them as free? What about green beans, asparagus, snap peas, and red bell peppers?


not all veggies, the more starchy ones like green beans, and snap peas, probably won't result in a negative caloric effect.


hmm. Okay. How can I tell if a veggie will have that effect? Just look at net carbs? G. beans have 5c and 2 fiber, so 3 total. Cucumbers are half fiber half carbs. Bell peppers have 9g. of carbs, 3 of fiber - so are bell peppers not that way?



CT talks about this a lot.

If they are green veggies such as brocolli, it wont matter "counting carbs"

bell peppers are not counted as green veggies...(Even green peppers)

you can find more on this under the author's locker room under the "New Thib Zone"


Peppers have a thermogenic effect for sure.