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Thermic Effect Of Grow!

I know that the advice of this board is to eat solid foods whenever possible, but it is rarely a possibility to eat solid foot every meal with a tight work schedule (many days lunch is less than 15 minutes). Is it of any consequence if 2 of the meals, solid food is substituted with Grow! (and a vegi)? Does this effect the thermic effect of digestion meaning I’m burning less calories/day? I am unsure if Grow! contributes to the thermic effect and if this will make any difference to how I structure my diet.

Good question wombat…

I would guess that whatever difference you see in thermic effect is NOT overcome by the caloric content of the “Grow!”.

In other words…“X” cals of “Grow!” will have the same caloric content as “X” cals of say meat…with the differences in the thermic effect having a negligible effect over the course of the day.

Another point…thanks to Skip LaCour, I haven’t ingested a “shake” (except for post-workout “Surge”) in quite a while…

It is SO much more convienent (and satisfying!) to ingest “Grow!” as a tasty pudding (add as little or as much water as needed to get the consistensy you want). You can fold in some fruit, veggies and/or nuts…and VIOLA!