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Thermic effect of food and ephedrine - attention J.Berardi?


A long time ago, J.Berardi claimed in one of his articles posted in T-Mag that there are people whose bodies don't exert adequate thermic effect after food ingestion; those are the people who generally end up fat after eating over the maintenance calories.

This was not debated on the T-Mag forum as far as I know - but JB proposed that adequate andrenergic response could be triggered by using a small amount of ephedrine along with meals. I do not know

This is an interesting idea for us, insuline resistant endomorphs with lingering metabolic rates and dead TEF numbers. Would you care to comment on this? I don't know if JB, Cy or whoever is the current guru :slight_smile: here at the moment is reading this but their input would be greatly appreciated. May the discussion begin. :wink: