Thermal Fat Burners and Ephedrine

So recently I was talking to the dude @ the healthfood store whos pretty jacked and I asked him what he thought of thermal fat burners. I myself didnt really know much about them but I’m generally pretty skeptical and a lot of them claim amazing weight loss (magic diet drug!). Since i’m trying to shed some fat but keep the muscle i’ve built, he recommended them.

My only concern is that the one i bought has a bit of ephedrine in it (it comes from Ma Huang a chinese herb, its like 8% ephedrine out of 150mg so 12mg). I’ve heard some scary things about it. So getting to the point of this post:

  1. do thermal fat burners really work? And when should I take them (the container recommends b4 breakfast)

  2. Should I be concerned about the ephedrine in the pills?


  1. Yes. But they, like all supplements, are progress enhancers. If you’re not already on a good training and diet plan, making progress, don’t bother.

Generally recommended first thing in the morning, and 4-6 hours later, if needed.

  1. No. As long as you stick to the recommended dosage. Taking 12mg of ephedrine 2-3x a day is not going to make your heart explode. Taking double or triple doses won’t speed up your progress, but will put you at risk.

yea I know its a supplement and i’m not relying on it. I’m using Christian Thibaudeau’s

Hopefully I get some good results, any other info like should I cycle it? etc…