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Theres Something Wrong with My Knee


it doesnt hurt to do leg press, or hack squats, step ups, or lunges
those are the only leg workouts ive tried since i messed my knee up
i got kicked really hard in the knee a few months back and it swelled up pretty good, and ever since then when stretch out my right quad a little bit i dont feel pain but i feel a weird pulling sensation and i cant stretch back to my fullest, because thats when pain settles in

ive wanted to do ATG squats but i dont know if its the safest thing
what do you guys suggest i should do for this? it's obviously nothing serious but then again im not sure

is there any sort of daily stretching therapy i can do to get my right knee back to normal?


See a doctor. You might have had something screwed up when you got kicked originally.



Also, (and I'm not a doctor when I say this, but) from what I understand after injuries, scar tissue heals along lines of stress, so one thing that helps knee injury recovery is hindu (bodyweight) squats. Lots of them. with low load (IE nonexistant) and high volume (like, 300-400).