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There's Gold in Them There Cells

Since Dr Oz has “ruined” life for so many obese folks with his evil green tea, perhaps we now have a new shinier solution!


Wow …what happen to hard work?

[quote]dirtman wrote:
Wow …what happen to hard work?[/quote]

This is America, hard work is for immigrants. By the way, has anyone seem my SNAP card? I need some lobster and steak.

Let’s market/subsidize horrible unhealthy foods from big corporations which make people sick and unhealthy,
then we can sell them pills and health care to fix those problems,
then let’s nationalize the health care system,
and finally since we write the laws, lets call obesity of a disease.

= profit.

I was thinking that if this becomes popular, they could use different metals for people based on price and fatness. Need to get to single digit? That’s Gold Level. Just want to get to 15%, well, let’s pop the Silver. Bedridden and need to use a sponge on a stick to bathe? Well, we can get you up and out of bed with Tin Level.