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There's always ONE clown!!

Went to the Georgia Championships a week ago…not too bad a competition…EXCEPT for one freak/clown!!!

People like this amaze me…WHAT THE HELL WAS HE THINKING!!!

his body looks wierd.

There is no way that is a real pic. If it is, he’s gotta get the oil out of his arms before he gets in trouble.

Is that Paul Sr. from American Chopper?? heheehe

Yeah, his forearms suck. What an assclown. Like he had a chance.

It was just a competition from Orange County Chopper. Paul Sr. juices. Paul Jr. is a pussy.

Duh, is he using synthol

what a fucking geek!

Yeah Oshea and P-Dog…that was the point…the mustache thing was kinda funny…but the SYNTHOL BUMPS!!! give me a physical break!!! what is this guy thinking?..even this chick I took to the contest(it was her first time going) noticed that!

Yes…the pic IS real…I didn’t doctor a thing!


Good to see that Montrosefan is back up on stage competing :wink:


Ha…he got a kick out of this photo STU!

This guy is what happens when Hell’s Angels meets Synthol man!

Never shave on game day.

Wait, bodybuilding’s not a sport, so he could have.

So that guy is injecting stuff under his skin to make it bulge out all weird looking?

Here’s the link to the competition results. This is the page of photos with him on it: Georgia 'Stache

The side chest shot that they show is pretty strange too.

And here’s a link to the results from the same competition (I think). Notice that by the female overall winner (Laura something or the other), they designate “her” the OVERALL MALE WINNER. That speaks volumes. Typo? I think not.

Thats pretty funny Jared…that contest has very poor promotion. Then again…when you think of bodybuilding…you DON’T think of Georgia! When I think of Georgia…I think of some pretty good football and lots of overweight men who are football supporters going to all the games.

Yes ANTILIBERAL…some fools do this to inflate their muscles. I am not sure what planet these people are from…but its stupid and dangerous. Just ask Mishko…

This guy’s my idol!!LOL…what a looser…
Steroids are one thing…synthol…thats completely jumping off the bridge of sanity into the chasm of the clinically insane…


Dude flexed so hard look what he blew out his nose…

“into the chasm of the clinically insane…”

absolutely correct

Unfortunately, virtually every amateur event you see these days has guys that have gone overboard with synthol. Not all the judges call it, so some use it to get an edge. This is so obvious that if he didn’t get booted, I’d kick his ass in the parking lot.