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There Will Be Blood

Been waiting to see this for a while, finally got the chance to tonight. I fucking loved it. Daniel Day Lewis was amazing, better than Pacino in Scarface. I don’t know if you’d call him an anti-hero, villain, or just a man who doesn’t like people very much.

The sound track was irritating at times, and I wasn’t sure about the ending at first, but after some contemplation, I think it was right.

Go see it if you get the chance, it won’t disappoint.

thats one epic mustache

Anyways can you tell us anymore about it? I saw it playing last time I was at movie theater watching No country for old men-great movie- Not really sure what its supposed to be about, some guy who finds oil?

It’s kind of hard to say what it’s about. He finds oil, but the story centers around him and his relationship to his adopted son, and also how his humanity drains out of him as he evolves into the classic robber baron. Maybe you could say he fights a war with God and wins, kinda.

Great movie, even better performance. Daniel Day-Lewis gives one of the better performances in modern film.