There is Only One Truth: Monday's with Dan

I don’t officially come in for another hour or so, but I wanted to open a thread so we could get questions in right when I open for business.

Stuff I know…today:

  1. I like variation.
  2. Hip injuries recover slower than anything else I know.
  3. The 3 apple a day diet works better than one would think.
  4. Chaotic, nonlinear training seems to work better than training like a machine.


What did you do to your hip?

Stay strong

If you’ve got a shot, I’ve been anxious for a check-up on my One-Lift vs. Endurance thread. You’re last post was bad-ass and I did some work to modify the program to your advice. I also check Amazon for the book… but only found one with a title slightly different then the one you suggested. (all covered in the thread)

Much appreciated

Hey Dan,
I’ve been to your website a number of times now, and all I have to say is well done. I can’t seem to find any articles on your MLB diet. I understand the premise behind it, but i was wondering if you could just talk a little bit about what lead you to that diet. It seems like a good way to go perhaps for bigger guys who can put on size easily, but who also put on fat just as easily. Thanks for all your help Dan.

[quote]Danny John wrote:

  1. Chaotic, nonlinear training seems to work better than training like a machine. [/quote]

In what sense? I’m scared of choas.

what is your experience with training multiple qualities simultaneously (strength, speed, endurance, hypertrophy)? it’s said that one can’t optimally train multiple qualities simultaneously, but it seems to me that some successful programs (CW’s QD) do this well.

Hey Dan,

Are there any tried and true methods of GPP that you use with your athletes?

GPP: sleds, hills, hooverball (look it up on the internet), flag football, soccer, farmers bars. I think the more advanced you get, the more you need to do this kind of stuff. I think you will find VOLUMES on this in my little newsletter. Shaf has an article that outlines everything…

Mike, my hip:

State weightlifting meet. First attempt in snatch. Too light. Catch it funny and go the wrong way…little ‘pop.’

Next, track meet in snow, rain, and flood. Old man throws…remembers ‘pop.’

It’s honestly better now that the weather has warmed and I have had a few free days.

For the MLB diet, go to the Dolfzine article…in is in the “old stuff” files. They did a far better job than me with a lot less webspace.

I can never find that thread…where is it? Post a link.

And…buy the book…

Oh, I think speed and strength should go together…no question about that.

I have my own opinion about all fifty at once. I think “no,” but some say I am just lazy. But, really, even elite decathaletes will tell you it is nearly impossible to do everything at once…