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There Is No Substitute for Surge

…I agee with the original title of the thread…!!!


I am now officially afraid to try Surge. Is heroin one of the secret ingredients or something? :smiley:

As I can’t afford Surge here in the UK, I make my own: Orange Lucozade powder (the English Gatorade), orange whey protein, some ice and water. Tastes delicious and goes down soooo well after a workout.

If Surge is better tasting, it must be real good!

Excuse the ridiculously too-lazy-to-search noob question, but is Surge a protein powder/shake? A MRP? Do people mix it with stuff like Grow! ?

[quote]danmaftei wrote:
Excuse the ridiculously too-lazy-to-search noob question, but is Surge a protein powder/shake? A MRP? Do people mix it with stuff like Grow! ?[/quote]

This should be a good starting point. :wink:


Dammit, now I have to read. I was hoping for the cliff note version lol.

Here is what I have been using as a replacement when Surge is out of stock. Here is the breakdown:

45% Dextrose
20% Maltodextrin
25% Hydrolyzed 520 (Whey protein hydrolysate)
5% Glutamine Peptides
5% Theta Amino’s (BCAA’s)

Per 1 cup serving:
450 Calories
77 grams of carbs
34 grams of protein

Ingredient wise this is pretty damn close to the same as Surge. It doesn’t taste anywhere close to as good as Surge, however. I added Splenda and tropical orange flavor for a couple pounds and raspberry for another couple pounds. It doesn’t taste bad, just not nearly as good as Surge. My recovery seems to be about the same with this formula. When Surge comes back in stock I always end up stocking up and drinking that instead. The mix then sits in my cupboard until the next time Surge is out of stock and my supply is depleted. Check it out if you are looking for an option until Surge is back.

I get 30% whey isolate, 30 % dextrose, 35% malto, and 5% theta aminos (BCAA). I tried the hydrolyzed 520 and couldn’t stand the taste, it literally made me gag. That could just be the vanilla flavoring though, I haven’t liked that flavor on any blend I’ve gotten from them. I get strawberry even though it’s an extra dollar per pound, it tastes really good. I get chocolate on my low-carb MRP from them, which is 30% milk isolate, 40% micellar casein, and 30% whey isolate.

Of course, I’d go with Surge if my wallet allowed it.

[quote]Dr_Feelgood wrote:
I’ve been working extra hours all summer to hoard Surge…now I’m ready to go back to school.[/quote]

SO! This is where it all went! Same thing that happened with gas last weekend. LOL


Just drink some Gatorade and a protein shake, or some oats with protein and milk.

It ain’t the end of the world.


34 left as of posting… get em while theyre hot!

I’m down to my last 2 tubs. Touch mine and your dead!!!

I can’t afford any Surge either. My post workout shake consists of Whey Protein, skim milk, Cottage cheese and a bananna all blended to a thick milkshake consistency. Plus it tastes great