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There Is No Substitute for Surge


Hello All,

I think I speak for all when I say that statement.

I can not beleive it. I trained for 18 months before using Surge. And now 18 months after that, I need the fix. I have been out for two weeks and need some bad. I have tried an isolate and gatorade. (Gasiess Maximus) I have also tried choc milk with a little bit of extra whey. Oh my goodness, I almost did not make it to the bathroom fast enough. I even tried an RTD for the workout drink. Nothing else is good enough?

Any other suggestions until we get the great nectar back?


Dude- I completely agree. I AM OUT. I will admit I just recently finshed my first two containers and was surpirised to have seen a considerable increase in both size and strength. Nothing crazy, but defintely a bit more mass. Basically what Im trying to say is where the fuck is the Surge??? Im shrinking lol.


I do remember JB saying you could use lowfat choc


It's at my house...I've got about 4 tubs. Just thought I'd throw that out there.


I have used the lowfat c.milk and if you dilute it and a little whey to make sure it has that 1:2 ratio it is good during the workout, it is just 2 hours after the workout, I get a very uncomfotable feeling and find I am running to the bathroom.


damn you hatebreeder, i have noticed a really bad decrease in my workouts, I NEED Surge!!!!
any idea of when more will be available?


Diareah cha-cha-cha



Looking at the ingredients and prices of the other two, it appears that Surge really is a good value. The countdown is a bit cheaper per serving, but has a lot less BCAA's and fewer overall calories. The Relentless is more expensive per serving but still doesn't have the same BCAA content. All the same, I may have to break down and buy one of these to hold me over.

The Surge really is addictive though. I have a weak stomach post workout, but I get shaky from hunger fairly quickly. Now that my stomach is acclimated to the Surge, it really is just about the only caloricly dense food I can handle for a while afterwards.

Please restock soon.


I am really thankful that I still have some left :). Back in December I was like a lost child roaming for that stuff. Hell, I even tried Ebay and sell.com


I actually disagree with that. I consider the hydrolyzed whey, dex, and malto I mixed myself just as good as Surge (It does come up short on phenylalanine). HOWEVER, it didn't taste nearly as good and was just a pain in the ass to mix. With a busier more-on-the go lifestyle, I now find Surge a good thing. It just makes PWO nutrition so much easier.


So it's "just as good as Surge" but without the phenylalanine, it's a pain to mix and it doesn't taste as good.

Basically then your stating that it's not as good as Surge in three main areas!

Let's face it guys as I have stated numerous times on this site: you get what you pay for!

Nothing tops Surge!


No, it's not as good as Surge. But performance-wise, I felt it was. And when price was more of an issue than convenience and taste, I preferred to go that way. Now, the reverse is true and I prefer Surge.


I've been working extra hours all summer to hoard Surge...now I'm ready to go back to school.


Dr. Feelgood is just showing off... damn that's a lot of reserve Surge.

Dr. Feelgood "get beeg and strong"

Sell me at least 2 tubs LOL


Recently I did a "shock" workout for two weeks that consisted of one Olympic-style movement per workout for 15X1. I was very low on Surge at the time and decided to substitute it with 20oz of skim milk based on a recommendation in a recent article here on T-mag. My strength increases were pretty much what I expected, but I did notice that my recovery (based on DOMS) wasn't quite as good. After that experience, though, I won't freak out quite as bad the next time I run out of Surge. The article was right, skim milk isn't the same thing, but it is a pretty darn good substitute. I'm glad I just loaded up on four cans, though.


Dick!! Just kidding man you have the right idea. I did the same thing last time they ran out but unfortunately I am down to one tub.


Aw, that's no big deal!


I see you already drank all the Kool-Aid.


Is there some sort of discount when your purchase is over $1500 that I'm not aware of?

That's awesome.

Now, if I may give a variation on an old quote, I hope you are putting your muscle where your money is ;]


That was just mean!