There Is Money to Be Made..

I cannot beleive the stuff people will buy.

Anyone seriously interested in looking into the costs of setting up manufacture and distribution of similar products?

Good find E. I wonder how long it will be before someone starts a thread asking the best way to stack “Roid Juice”.

Haha. That is funny. That’s worse than the scams like Winni-V lol.

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You could post on ebay the same thing. And make sure the alternative product is jizz that leaks out from a girl after you fucked her. Call it Male H0rm0n Juic3!!!

GAIN 30 lbs of lean muscle in 20 days!!!
Money back garentee. Oh did we forget to post our return mail address …our bad!!

Gains of up to 30lbs+ in just weeks

· Massive 300% Increases in Testosterone

· Huge 600%+ Increases in Growth Hormone Levels

· Increase in IGF-1 levels (Insulin-like Growth Factor)

· Huge Nitric Oxide Increases giving Massive Muscle Pumps

That kind of bullshit, should be illegal.

I would suspect that the 300% test/600% GH/IGF-1 increase/NO increase, IF TRUE, could probably kill some people (heart attack or cause cancerous growths) if they abused the stuff especially if were out of shape (or old & senile) to start.

i gotta get me some of that badboy.
Im chucking my test enan out right now

RoidJuice baby, yehhhhh


the first 8 ingredients are fillers creatine, etc… I feel sorry for the fools that cream their pants over claims to gain 30 lbs. of muscle blah blah blah.

The link doesn’t work