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There goes the neighborhood... Blame Janet!

The boycotts that you speak of had no effect.

I don’t think MTV would say that… :slight_smile: But like I said, I doubt something like that will happen again.

You are upset about the Super Bowl because it was unexpected. Yet, when a father is channel surfing or using the scan on a car radio and Howard stern is using profanity that too is unexpected. If you have your 7 year old daughter in the car you are in the same unenviable position that you are in with the Super Bowl fiasco.

Not quite the same position. First off, I know there is inappriate material for children on both TV and Radio, morning, day, and night. If I were scanning I would know to be careful and what to expect. However, when you select a show that you know is safe, it is quite unexpected to see what we did.

Also, I’m not up on technology, but having something for a TV like you can for the internet, meaning allowing your choice of content, would be the answer for TV.

It is my guess that you do not have young children, am I right?

That is correct.

“You are upset about the Super Bowl because it was unexpected”

i’m upset about the super bowl because it flat out sucked. janet jackson ruined everything i love about this country, and breasts. and don’t get me started on justin timberlake…

i watch tv for entertainment, if i wanted to see a naked woman i’d pop in a porno. this goes for daytime/primetime too

As a slight aside, I find it fascinating that there are cultural differences that cause the US to censor sex and language but essentially celebrate violence while countries like Canada censor the violence and allow the sex and language through.

I live in Seattle and visit Vancouver frequently, and it always surprises me when I am reminded that they show softcore skin flicks on regular (not cable or premium) TV on Friday nights after 10pm and often don’t censor “potty mouth” on the radio and TV either.

Meanwhile off in Europe and Japan I’m pretty sure there is nudity on GAME SHOWS?! Am I wrong here?

There are definitely some value clashes going on in the world!

But what it comes down to is that these women AREN’T NAKED. Close, but they’re not. How is seeing these ladies in their lingerie so different from seeing women at the beach in bikinis? Or at the local pool? Do you stop your children from going to these places? Do you shake your head and avert your children’s eyes when there’s a female with her bikini top untied and face down while she tans? I mean personally, I don’t see a difference.

Oh and correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t this air at like 8PM last year? I don’t remember. If it was, is that an unreasonable time for this type of thing to air? When is?

holy shit kids…

grab your flashlights, we’re headin’ back into the dark ages.


no adriana lima strutting her thing down the runway this fall…cries in despair


Let’s talk again after you have kids of your own.


That’s a cop-out.

How’s this…I’ve had to deal with the same things with my grandparents.

Now please go on.

“(I really think that we are into a generational difference here. I would wager that those who are into their 30’s, or older with young children would agree with me. Those younger, or single would disagree- just a guess)”

ZEB- I disagree. I fit squarely in to this demographic, and I think you are absolutely wrong. I do not need (or want) the gov’t to decide what is on TV. I can make those decision for myself. As far as my children go- it is MY job to monitor what they see on TV or hear on the radio.


I don’t think so. Most Grandparents could actually teach you a few things. On the other hand when your seven year old daughter repeats a filthy word, or phrase, she heard when you were selecting stations on the radio, it hurts pal!

You are entitled to your opinion, and I do respect that. However, you have no idea what I, or any other parent is feeling until you are in such a position! That was my original point regarding 20 somethings with no young children debating this point with 30 or 40 somethings with young children.


How does that warrant government intervention?

What happens when your daughter comes home from school and repeats something bad that one of the other students said? I guarantee you that the things she will hear at school with be 1000x times worse than anything that would be on TV. Do you want the government to get involved in this larger threat and “protect” your child?

Afterall, that’s not in your control, so what are you to do?

That was my original point regarding 20 somethings with no young children debating this point with 30 or 40 somethings with young children.

Actually, if I were to use the reasoning you are, that is, that I cannot argue about this because I do not have young children, then I could argue that you have no right to argue about the war. I mean, you’re not a soldier, or a general, or anyone in any position of power. So what could you know?

That reasoning is flawed. Especially when those things affect ME. Government control affects ME, so I have every right to make an argument for or against it, whether I have young children or not.

I am in my mid-thirties and I have two sons ages 14 and 6 and I totally disagree with you. I do however agree with what ind has said I too believe that it is a parents job to monitor what their children see and hear in regards to t.v. and radio. It is not the govt’s. job to do that for us
You talk about a small child repeating a filthy word heard on the t.v. or the radio but these same words and perhaps worse words are heard outside the home as well. So does that mean the govt. should ban profanity altogether and whoever uses profanity should be locked up or fined?

How does my daughter coming home from school hearing something bad from another child mean that I have to accept profanity from the airwaves? Talk about illogical.

I never said that you did not have the right to argue the point. In fact, I said that I respected your point. What I did say was that “you don’t know how a parent feels till you are in their shoes.” Big difference.


Yes, I agree it is the parents job to monitor what their children see. However, again when you are simply flipping the channel and are treated to something inapropriate and your child is sitting next to you…to late!

The underlying problem here is that the common person has a horrible view of sexuality and profanity. Understandably, they pass that view onto their children.

My comments may be in vain, but this is a simple issue. People should stop viewing the human body in its various (sometimes VERY beautiful and appealing) forms, as something dirty or something that should be censored. What is so wrong with the human body that makes you feel that you need to protect your children from it? We celebrate the body in all of its glory in our home. My wife shows my daughter the pictures of a beauty in Maxim magazine or Fitness magazine or Yoga magazine or whatever, and says, ?Pretty. Oh, she(he)?s beautiful!? We might also say, ?That?s daddy?s love handle sweetie. Daddy needs to keep a closer eye on his diet and stop eating ice cream.?

As for Janet Jackson, job well done. She should?ve yanked off her entire jumpsuit and showed all. I?d simply look at my daughter and say, now that is an example of a fine body. She must workout? I certainly WOULD NOT say, ?OH MY GOD!? ?I can?t believe that whore did that! Our Government needs to put a stop to this!? (Side note - Michael Powell is an idiotic jackass that needs to be fired by Donald Trump on public television.)

What a crock people. Get your minds out of the gutter and bring on these awesome specimens for us to enjoy and appreciate.

You are right you don’t have accept profanity on the airwaves you simply don’t have to listen to the radio when your child is in the car with you! There are times when I would rather listen to certain programs when my children are in the car with me but I elect to listen to a CD instead!

ZEB, my point was that it is your job, and society in general, to protect their children. It is not a place for government.

Objecting to something that is a result from legally mandated school attendance is actually a more valid argument, since the government is forcing your child to go to school where you cannot watch over them. No one is forcing you to watch TV. Not to mention it is not somehow the government’s responsibility to make sure you are “safe” to channel surf around your kid.


Since we are just exchanging ideas on this here forum, could you please explain to me EXACTLY what the negative impact will be if your daughter (or my son or daughter) hears a “dirty” word. Will this lead to a life of crime, will they become associated with an undesireable crowd, are drugs right around the corner?


Actually my child does not have to attend public school. There are very good private schools and for that matter there is also the home school option. Because they may hear something inapropriate at school does not in fact mean that they should also hear something inapropriate on the air waves. Airwaves that are next to immpossible to monitor as I have previously stated. We simply disagree on this point.

One night you are reading your seven year old daughter a bedtime story, and the next day on the way to school she is asking me what a “blow job” is because Howard Stern does not have the common decency to save that language untill later in the evening. And it happend when the radio was on scan! Not a good situation for a father, as I am sure you can appreciate.

On most issues I would agree with your anti-government stance. On this one, I am not trying to irratate you but… you have to be there.


No, I don’t think anything will happen other than it will spark a discussion that is best had at a later date in a different setting. I don’t think that any radio or TV personality deserves the right to dictate when, or where I have that special talk with my children.

In a way all of the profanity on the airwaves has somehow robbed a certain innocence from the children of this country. And that is a shame. Again, I am only asking that they push the nudity and vulgarity off to after 10:00 or 11:00 at night. Then they can go for it all night long if they so desire.