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There goes my MAG-10 cycle...

…right out the window. Made good gains, in fact 9 lbs. in 7 days, by eating clean and only 500 calories above maintenance and training 2x/day sometimes and 1x/day sometimes. I thought since school ended for winter break I would have the time to lift hard and eat a lot. The problem was 3 days into my cycle my six-month old son got sick and has been for a week now. These last three days have been progressively worse, eating less and not training much. The wife’s at work all day and I only do part-time work so I’ve had him to myself so you can imagine why I’m not doing too great. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not exceptionally sick, thank God, otherwise I wouldn’t be posting this because my son’s health is far more important to me than my training is. However, I’m upset that I couldn’t make the most of MAG-10 after gaining 9 lbs. in 7 days. I’ll finish off the bottle and make sure my next one is good. Just posting this to welcome any advice and or support for my blown cycle.

Hey 9 lbs in 7 days!!! Take what you got bro, and run with it. It will be even better next time…hope your son gets better

Hope your son feels better soon. I know what you mean about something getting in the way of your cycle. I’m feeling sick and I have 5 days left on Mag-10. I’ve gained 9 pounds so far and am pissed about feeling sick. I think I’ve overtrained a bit. Next time, I will do a 4 day Ian King split. I’m going to keep taking the Mag-10 even if I get to sick to train for the next days to finish my cycle. Hope for better health the next time I cycle it. Try to keep your diet on track so you keep your gains.

Here’s looking for a quick recovery for your son. Good gains you made there, next time should be awesome.

As for the other point of getting sick mid cycle, has anybody noticed that you just seem to be able to deal with it better? I got what everyone else caught at work, but most everyone else took a few days at least off work. I just thought ‘okay, got the sniffles’ and felt fine otherwise. Not sure if its anything to do with being ‘on’, Opinions?