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Therapeutic Use of Oxandrolone for Adrenal Fatigue

Hello everyone.

I want to ask a question that I have in relation to the pharmacological action of oxandrolone in conjunction with a low-protein diet and an average of 300 grams of available carbohydrate.

My question is can the oxandrolone at a dose of 10 milligrams helps improve protein synthesis of a man who consumed 50 grams of protein daily ? .

This is a man of 28 years old, is my little brother, who made diet high in protein and fat eliminating carbohydrates completely for 2 years. This resulted in adrenal fatigue and therefore an abuse of the adrenal glands .

Currently this person is in recuperative therapy to decrease the accumulated stress.

If you consume more protein your cortisol rises too for obvious reasons. Besides the neoglugenesis is not a good idea to correct metabolic efficiency of a person with this kind of pathology.

So the use of 10 mg of oxandrolone for 2 weeks followed by a week off again and repeat the cycle three times , could help improve their efficiency and improve their proteic cortisol due to the ratio of beta-agonists with oxandrolone ?

Thanks in advance( and sorry for my english)

Come on guys!

I would think that fucking with his hormones further would be the last thing he’d need.

Just get him to go to a doctor and do whatever the doctor tells him.

I’d say acting as your little bro’s DR. will put him in more danger than anything. Take him to a specialist and listen.

Hey, everyone, “the doctor” said: Anavar could be a smart idea IN THIS CASE.

So, What do you think?


well if the doctor said it was cool, why would you need approval from a bunch of anonymous dudes on an internet forum who aren’t doctors? Don’t you trust your doctor?

Are you really sure that’s what “Ooo, eee, ooo ah ah ting tang walla walla, bing bang” means?

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