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A question for the masses. I had a hormone check done with my Doc. My test came back normal, but low normal according to him. I was not at the level that required pharmaceutical intervention, again according to him. I’m 55. Very active. Work out 4-5 days a weeks, weight training and cardio. I’m 5’9", 168lbs, try to eat properly, minimal alcohol, some THC (how’s it goin eh? :slight_smile: ). My concern is the lowered libido, vitality, clarity etc… I went ahead and purchased a vial of testosterone (cypionate). I would like to try it. From what I’ve researched a weekly protocol is best but I am wondering just how much to inject as I’m not looking for a “blast” or to add slabs of muscle. I just want to bring my levels up to a more “youthful” level. Thanks

Post what your levels are please. There are levels that don’t warrant intervention, but could cause symptoms of hypogonadism IMO.

The latter could be caused by the former. What does your training look like? How do you feel the next day? Do you feel like you almost have a hangover the day after training?

Subjective. The dose to be “youthful” is going to depend on how you process Testosterone IMO. I’d shoot for an average value that is close to the top of the range on Free Testosterone. That is me though. Many guys test at trough, and are still well above range, and they are okay with that risk.

IMO, once a week is a little low on the frequency. It works for many, but twice a week I think should be the starting out frequency.

If self administering, and what I know about my body, I’d start out with 150ish mg/wk spit up into two shots. I’d adjust based on blood work.

Remove your personal info and post the labs please.

well I called up the numbers…

Testosterone: 26.9nmol/l (I’m in the higher end of the reference range which is 9.5 to 30)
SHBG is high at 57.4nmol/l (reference range is 11-50) So I’m guessing maybe this is where the “symptoms” may be coming from
Bioavailable Test is also in the middle of the reference range at 10.3 (ref range 4.8 to 14 nmol/l)

I’m not entirely sure why he said “low normal”…

Yeah thats not low normal at all. Thats actually pretty good natural levels for TT and FT. The SHBG is only an issue if FT is low.

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Thanks for all the info…much appreciated!!

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