Theranos Lab Range for Total Test?

Hi All,

Does anyone have any experience using Theranos Labs at Walgreens? On a blood test there, I received Lab results for Total Testosterone of 579 ng / dL.

What I find interesting is the “Normal Range” for Theranos is shown at 129 - 767 ng / dL on the lab results. This is quite different compared to Quest / Lab Corps of around 300 - 1100 ng.

I understand that Theranos is using some new Assay Technology to measure but I think the resulting number would be the same. I was also thinking maybe they are trying to age Adjust it. I am 63 years old.

Any thoughts?


The result from the test will not be the same if you sent specimens to different labs from the same lab draw.

You could self order labs from other places that use LabCorp. [in most USA States]

I agree.

What I do not understand is why the Range for normal is so different. i.e. according to Theranos TT of 800 is above normal.

They take a sample of readings and normal is
+/- 2 standard deviations. Different methods and different sample groups create different ranges and individual readings.

Want more pain? Read this: Reference range - Wikipedia

Doctors confuse range normal with a normal state of health.

So only 5% are worth dealing with.

You explain it well as usual.

Theranos is using some new testing “Nano Chemistry” technology for their lab. It is also proprietary, I understand.

They will be controversial for some time particularly with ranges like this that are so different. At least the ranges used by Lab Corp and Quest are in the same ball park…