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Therajraj, I'm Calling You Out


What's your problem, dude?


Haha, awesome.


That god damn blue jays loving asshole lol


Not what I expected but LOL


Dude has never lifted a weight in his life...


Not what I expected, lol.


I think he should stop cutting and bulk.


You're kidding, right?


I'm fucking flabbergasted that therajraj would spend so much time on a bodybuilding site, writing about baseball no less, all while weighing 350 pounds of pure fatass and profiting over $60 million on insider trading. That doesn't surprise you? I'd have never guessed therajraj was a billionaire, either.

Shits crazy, yo.


I lol'ed


Oh my fucking God. I am officially the dimmest motherfucker on this website. I shall now assume the fetal position with my thumb inserted into my mouth while you all kick me in the head and tell me how stupid I am.


The guy in that pic looks like a brown balloon someone stuck a wig on and drew on the eyes and mouth and mustache with a Sharpie.


They poured him into that suit and forgot to say when.




Have you been reading P.G Wodehouse?


Jeeves and Wooster FTW ,,,,funny, I'd forgoten that this is where the quote is from.




I love it too. I just picked up the omnibus "World Of Jeeves"
Lots of funny turns of phrase and back-handed compliments. Genius!


Nards, you really are the specific dream-rabbit.


I haven't gotten to that book yet, but I've heard that quote about Jeeves before and am befuddled as to what it means.